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Mid-Michigan Reptile and Exotic Rescue is a volunteer and foster-based rescue. We do not have a public facility, as all of our animals are kept in private foster homes. We are active members of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists, and work as their rescue unit, as well as working with many county animal shelters and humane societies. We accept (and place/adopt out) reptiles, amphibians, chelonians, arachnids, birds, and small exotic mammals (including, but not limited to ferrets, sugar glider, hedgehogs, etc).

Adopting a friend

If we have not answered your email, please be patient! . Email michiganreptilerescue@gmail.com if you don't hear back on your inquiry. DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF EMAILS WE RECEIVE, ADOPTION INQUIRIES THAT DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME, LOCATION AND THE ANIMAL IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. To submit an adoption application for any of our adoptable animals, please email us at michiganreptilerescue@gmail.com, with your name, location, and the name or id number of the animal in which you are interested. We do not adopt to anyone under the age of 18 without a parent/guardian agreeing to co-sign the adoption contract. Many of our animals have special needs, so please take that into consideration when contemplating an adoption. Adoption fees range from $10-$75 depending on species and other factors....please email us for exact fees for the animal you are interested in.
We require the signing of an adoption contract for the adoption of each and every animal we list as available. If you would like to request a copy of this contract for review, email michiganreptilerescue@gmail.com.
No animal will be placed into a home until we at MMRR are positive the adopter is fully capable of properly caring for the animal in question, and has appropriate caging and all equipment necessary beforehand. General policy is that only one animal will be adopted to an individual at a time. PLEASE NOTE - our adoption contract contains a strict no-breeding clause, and very few exceptions are made to this rule. Any application requests for multiple animals or a mate for an existing pet will be automatically denied/ignored.
We are not currently shipping animals out of the state of Michigan.
We will not adopt out large constrictors to pet homes, we will not adopt more than one animal to an individual at a time, and we will not ship large animals (10+ lbs).
Standard adoption fees:
Iguana $20-$45
Bearded Dragon $40
Most Tortoise species $40
Ball Python $25
Boa Constrictor $40
Most small colubrids $25
Most gecko species $15
Most aquatic turtles $15
Inquire about adoption fees on other animals. These fees do not even begin to cover the costs we have in to most of the animals, between veterinary care, food, and housing - we prefer potential adopters put their money into the care of the animal, rather than spend a fortune on the actual animal itself.
Please keep in mind that between our busy schedules, animal care, and the many events we participate in, the application process can sometimes take several weeks. Animals are *not* adopted on a first come, first served basis - they will be placed with whomever we determine will make the best home.


If you need to surrender an animal, please email us at michiganreptilerescue@gmail.com with your name, location, and basic info about your pet. We do not ask for a surrender fee for animals other than green iguanas.
All animals we take in receive necessary vetting, and are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days. This allows us to do a full evaluation of the animal, including addressing any health concerns, checking temperament, and evaluating feeding habits. If an animal is deemed adoptable after that 30 day period, it will be listed and we will begin accepting applications. Our vetting services are provided by Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital of Clinton Township.
Mid-Michigan Reptile Rescue

Bay City, MI 48708
Email: michiganreptilerescue@gmail.com
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