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Welcome! We are not fostering any rescues at this time. Check back to see if there is an update on others who are known to need a new life!


Fact: Puppies produced for money alone are usually poor in temperement or health. The people who produce these puppies do only for the money , with no disregard to what happens to them. They breed indiscriminately two dogs, regardless of the genetic problems they may produce. These animals are often kept in deplorable conditions, no human contact, no veterinary care. Its all about a buck. They then sell to the Class B dealers who in turn, sell to pet stores. Don't be suckered into this terrible game! Buying that sad face does not help stop the fight to stop Puppymills and the dealers! Most often, it only leads to more sadness on your part as that sad face becomes a HUGE medical bill. Instead, get angry and join groups like to help us shut it all down!

Who We Are

Mt Pleasant Dog Rescue does NOT take in owner surrenders. We work soley with the Isabella Animal Control. We will help arrange transport or other such information as best as we can.

Adopting a Friend

There are special people, and special dogs. In order to understand what that means, try adopting a rescue! They may have a couple of flaws that only TLC will conquer, but in return you will get the most devoted and loyal friend you will ever have! They don't take life for granted any more, they know what can happen. If you are looking for a new member to add to your family, please consider a rescue! For a small adoption fee and signing an agreement, you will get a new family member who is all set to "move in". Unlike buying a puppy from a breeder where the medical costs start to become an issue.. with a rescue all that is done for you, not to mention being matched up with the right pet for your family and not finding out that the puppy you just purchased is not what you thought. Why take that chance of heartbreak? Go and visit some rescues at one of their events often thrown at PetSmart or other such businesses.

Come Visit Us!

We are located in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. We are basically in the middle of the mitten, and jokingly say.. two hours from everywhere!

Mt Pleasant Dog Rescue

5566 W. School Rd
Mt. Pleasant MI 48858
*leave a message or I will not return your call.

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