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We are currently CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We are not taking any new fosters. We are not placing any dogs, evaluating them, nor providing information and referrals. This page contains Eskie information that you may still find useful if you have found an Eskie, are trying to place one you already have or are considering adopting one. Also, feel free to contact other Heart Bandits chapters or someone from Eskie Rescuers United for additional information on the breed. Thank You.

Can I afford to care for a dog?

This site takes you through the nitty gritty of the true financial cost of dog (or other pet) ownership.
Cost of Ownership by Pet Type

We NEED stuff!

DONATIONS can be made directly to HEART BANDITS by going to our national website at WWW.HEARTBANDITS.COM. They will add your gift to the chapter "dog bowl" which is used to pay for large expenses that cannot be recouped through normal adoption fees. This allows us to save dogs that we could not otherwise. They frequently use this money to cover extraordinary VET care such as major surgery.

PLEASE CONTACT AND DONATE TO OUR MAIN CHAPTER, LISTED ABOVE as we are not currently fostering. THANKS. Just ignore this next paragraph....easier than deleting and re-entering it later! DONATIONS can be made to our chapter by contacting us via EMAIL at TANDYBEAR@HOTMAIL.COM.

OR (NO ignore this and donate to our main chapter instead) you can click on the PAYPAL button to safely donate instantly with a credit card (we do NOT see your credit card information...only PAYPAL has it and they are nationally known and used by everybody to make payments, including us!).

THANK YOU for saving the ESKIES!

I am sad to say that Bruce Plemmons passed away this year after a long illness. Bruce helped out our group by letting us inflict all the new fosters on him to see how they reacted to men, especially tall men. We will all miss Bruce........ his sense of humor and his kindness. God Bless you buddy. --Sandra Marsh

Madeline and Bruce "joined the Eskie Family" when I originally completed a "home visit" so they could adopt from a rescue on the other side of the state. When that adoption did not turn out to be a good fit, they adopted CHARLIE the Eskie from us. The only thing better than finding a wonderful home for one of our Eskies is to have the adopters be so nice and close by so I can visit :-) Not only have they given of their financial resources, but have allowed me to bring over my new fosters so they could help me socialize them and temperment test them and have even babysat for some of them.

A little about US and what we DO

Currently, we are a REFERAL and NO foster rescue. We have NO foster homes and only accept local fosters. I have found that really knowing the dog and matching them with their new homes makes for a happy family and dogs that do not get returned. Distant foster homes make this "hands on" approach difficult. I'd rather we placed fewer dogs well than a lot of dogs we don't know very well and have things not work out.
We often help folks find a home for their dogs while they "foster" them in their own homes. We do not take owner surrenders of dogs that we have not temperment tested or had tested by someone we know and trust to "read the breed". When trying to place your dog with rescues it is best to be as honest as possible. We all network with each other and so you will have small luck passing a problem dog by us. We do not have the type of situation where we can majorly rehab a severly problem dog any more than you can. And, if you do manage to pass on the responsibility to an unsuspecting rescue, all you have done is take up space where a highly placeable dog COULD be fostered and possibly cause another very good dog to be killed. Please be responsible for your dog. If you are looking to place your dog, we can list him or her on our site as a COURTESY LISTING with a detailed description and your contact information (phone and/or email). We will also do limited temperment testing in the SE MI area only and occasionally we handle home visits for other rescues if the home is local.

Why you SHOULD NOT take your Eskie to a REGULAR SHELTER OR POUND

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR ESKIE TO A SHELTER OR POUND. Most eskies do not handle shelters well and are often misjudged as aggressive or unadoptable. Many eskies are euthanised based on incorrect assessments, so do not take your dog to any regular shelter if you can avoid it in any way. I RECENTLY RESCUED a 2 year old boy that had been with a family all that time and was a very good boy, but in the shelter he acted "aggressive", so the shelter would not even consider putting him up for adoption. After taking him outside with me for 20 minutes, my friend took a picture of him laying on his back in my arms with a big smile and his tongue lolling out. Obviously NOT an aggressive dog!! He was snatched up within days and is in a loving home now where they adore him. I'm sure the family who left him at the shelter, providing all his vet records and information, thought they were doing a good job at keeping him safe and were SURE he would be adopted in no time. They did not know how he night react there. SO, PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO PLACE YOUR DOG ON YOUR OWN - DO NOT LEAVE HIM IN A SHELTER OR POUND. Thanks.


MI AMERICAN ESKIMO RESCUE SE MI (MIAER) generally provides assistance in the area bordered by Lansing to the west, Harrison to the north, Toledo to the south, and the water over on the east side :-) We most frequently travel from dearborn to the Ann Arbor area and most places between the two. Less often to the east side or North east.

We do not support the U.P. nor have contacts in that area. Try contacting the Heart Bandits or Eskie Rescue United Wisconsin chapters. ESKIE RESCUERS UNITED has representatives in Michigan to support your west-side needs. HEART BANDITS also has a chapter near Chicago and there are several independent eskie rescues in that area of IL. OH also has a wonderful HB chapter - TLC Rescue. . Petfinder has a list of all rescues by town & state, so check the list of rescue groups for an Eskie rescue closest to your area.

MORE on US if you can take any more.....

MI Eskie Rescue currently works in the area of referrals, posting available dogs in the area on our website, home checks for our group and our affiliates at Heart Bandits American Eskimo Rescue, railroad/transit when possible, education about Eskies, finalizing adoptions to approved homes, follow-up visits and VERY LIMITED foster care. We are sometimes able to accept an owner surrender and find a foster home here or with Heart Bandits (here or out of state) or another local rescue group if we have no space. We also match "wanted" ads to available Eskies as many folks are not familiar with the breed and may not realize it could be the dog for them.

MI Eskie Rescue covers mostly SE lower MI, but this does not mean we won't try to help out if you are not in our area. We do not have any contacts for the U.P. and DO NOT adopt or transport to this area. The most we can do is provide education about the American Eskimo Dog for these folks and send your inquiry to the closest group, which is usually IL or WI. We generally cover areas such as Detroit metro area and suburbs, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Warren, Monroe, etc.

Any dogs adopted thru MI Eskie Rescue are adopted under HEART BANDITS adoption contracts. If they ever need to be returned, please contact us and, if we are no longer in business, contact Heart Bandits of OH (TLC Rescue), or the closest chapter of HB.

We pride ourselves on being as honest as humanly possible to minimize "surprises" when an eskie goes home. We will never try to convince anyone to take a dog that is not a "good fit" just to place a dog. We believe there is a home for almost every dog - no matter how old or what the health status is - we just need to do the work to find that family. WE ALSO REALLY do WANT YOU TO CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS DURING THE ADJUSTMENT PERIOD. We have gone thru the transition period with many families and may be able to help, so we do NOT want anyone to hesitate to call (or email) if there are issues.

We often work with with folks in IL, IN, OH who place eskies and may know something about a dog there if you are interested, or may be able to handle your home visit if adopting from them.

So why the "almost" every dog??

Some dogs, whether thru abuse or neglect or genetics, are aggressive and too dangerous to live with just any family. There are some folks who can work with and have a happy life with some of these dogs, but our group does not have the expertise or foster arrangements to handle very aggressive dogs that need long-term behavior training. We are willing to hear about any dog, even if we cannot help directly, as we may know other groups who can help. We occasionally can find them a foster spot with rescue groups who routinely work with and know dog aggression better than we do. If in doubt on what to do, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE DOING ANYTHING WITH YOUR DOG.

The type of dog we cannot generally foster and place is one that has BITTEN (probably repeatedly) and BROKEN SKIN. With this in mind, know that every situation is different, provocation must always be considered, and I suggest you ALWAYS contact an experienced ESKIE person who has done some EVALUATION of dogs. Not all folks who know their own eskies or have fostered have the experience in EVALUATION that these dogs need for proper evaluation.


Please do NOT take your Eskie to a pound or city/county/humane society shelter without first getting a proper evaluation. If we do not know enough to do it ourselves, we will work to put you in touch with someone who can.


There is a big difference between "nipping" and "warning bites" and "clothes pulling" and "bite bites" that do harm. An eskie can seem very upset in a situation and yet not be an "aggressive little monster". You need someone to evaluate the dog that has seen the differences first hand, over and over. Recently I met a slightly aggressive dog that scared the crap out of his owners when he practically foamed at the mouth in fear, trying to stay away from me. By our 3rd meeting he was in my lap, been groomed by me, etc. I'm not saying this can happen with YOUR dog, but if you don't know the breed you may misread some scarey-looking MILD aggression issues as a very serious issue. SO ALWAYS SEEK OUT AN ESKIE EVALUATION PERSON BEFORE DECIDING WHAT TO DO. Ok, did we say that enough times yet? You sick of us? Even some Eskies who are somewhat of a danger may do well if the right home can be found. There are fewer of this type of home, but there are some out there now and then. Sometimes this means you would have to foster your own dog until that place can be found. At least give your buddy a chance........most shelters and pounds will almost immediately put down this type of dog!

Can I afford to care for a dog?

This site takes you through the nitty gritty of the true financial cost of dog (or other pet) ownership.
Cost of Ownership by Pet Type

Adopting a friend

ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS: application, phone interview, vet check, reference check, home check, fenced yard (most dogs), adoption donation, follow-up visit(s). Dogs must be microchipped within 60days and proof of microchip/ID # provided to our rescue (the cost for this at most places runs $20-65). If a particular dog is already microchipped we will let you know and provide paperwork to transfer the ID# over to you. Also, some shelters and petstores periodically run low-cost microchip clinics where a dog can be chipped for around $25. It pays to check with your local shelters first.

Unless otherwise stated/discussed with you, all dogs are HW negative, up to date on shots and spayed/neutered. They have had some form of flea prevention. We do not give bordetella, which is required if you ever board them, which we tend to discourage anyway. Any known special health issues will be discussed before adoption. We also encourage after- adoption contact to help with adjustment to your home. We provide suggestions on feeding for both health and to minimize shedding, current views on how often to vaccinate, and we love to get pictures of you with your new family member. Some special provisions may be added depending on the needs of specific dogs and we discuss these with the potential adopters. There is a minimal level of acceptable FOOD which is discussed for each dog and required per contract. Basically, we do not allow any food from a grocery store as it is not wholesome and a waste of your money. (NEW EXCEPTION: Brandon Farms Organic Chicken sold at Kroger, but you can find equivalent food much cheaper elsewhere). If you have followed any of the recent scandals with pet foods and poison from outside countries, then you know that the wrong food can KILL. Just because it says it is dog food doesn't mean I'd feed it to, well, a dog!

We reserve the right to REFUSE ADOPTION to any applicant that we feel is not a suitable home for an eskie in general or a specific eskie. We pray to find the right home for our dogs (yes, prayers to GOD), and he seems to be the one to find the best homes that need a particular dog. Far be it from me to argue! Adoptions are NOT "first come / first served", but rather "best fit" for the individual dog. We attempt to contact all applicants about placement decisions on a particular dog. However, sometimes the email gets overwhelming/pushed aside while we do that work that "brings home the kibble", so you may want to check petfinder for adoption updates. Also, feel free to contact us again in case we somehow lost track of your email inquiry.

The ADOPTION DONATION for MOST of our dogs is $200, with an exception for special circumstances (rescue distance/cost, special vet costs, GAS costs,etc). Any exceptions will be either noted on their page or discussed with you on an individual basis, but will not be less than $150 (so don't even ask) nor more than $312. I help our affiliates place PUPPIES (under a year) but generally try not to personally foster any puppy or young one that is not housebroken. If I do have a puppy, the adoption fee is normally $250-300 (depending on their cost/what vet work they need) Puppies need more vet care in the first year than an older dog....so this helps to offset the added expense of younger dogs and/or excessive vet costs for seniors.

The adoption donation is used to offset needed vet care, which can include general health exams, special or emergency medical care, surgery, vaccines, HW testing, teeth cleanings and extractions, spay/neuter (required of EVERY dog we place), etc. If you think this fee is "unreasonable" then you need to call your vet and add up the costs for these services. You are NOT paying for the dog itself, nor do we make a dime in this process. If it costs a little less to fully vet one dog, the leftover goes into the "dog bowl" to treat the next one. We also put in additional money from our own pockets - funny thing, these foster dogs actually like to eat and have toys and beds and get baths and everything my own dogs like to do. The goal for us is to have the fee hopefully cover rescue transport gas charges, any fees we pay to pounds to pull the rescues, as well as their vetting. We basically donate the food and they are all fed only premium foods while in foster care.

Although I think folks who don't have a lot of money also deserve dogs; probably a lot MORE than other folks, if you cannot afford the adoption fee it is likely that you may not be able to afford to care for the dog long term. We are trying to find permanent, forever homes so they never again get uprooted or left in a shelter.

If $500+ a year in VET care sounds like too much to you, then please look into adopting another type of pet. We are not trying to be mean and judgemental, we just don't want a family to become attached and in love with one of our dogs, then suddenly be hit with a medical problem they cannot afford. Folks then find themselves heart-broken at having to relinquish their "family member" to someone who can handle the medical expenses. This is particularly sad when children are involved.

ON THE OTHER HAND.......If you are in a limited-income situation but are the type to forego things for yourself in order to provide reasonable food, vet care and fun for your new "furbaby", then please do contact us!! Attitude counts much more than bank balance........we like you already!!! **grin**

Returning New E-Mail and "Returned to Us" Mail Handling


If for some reason you do not hear back at all after several weeks, feel free to contact us again. We do all have day jobs so we cannot always get back to you as soon as we really want to (and we DO sit around feeling guilty about it, too, if we cannot get to your email right away). We know that Eskie people are loving in general, so I hope you understand and THANK YOU SO MUCH for YOUR patience!!!!!!!!

Come Visit Us!

Oh, no...you don't want to come visit us because we don't have a separate building anywhere for you to stop by. Our dogs are in foster homes and you need to make arrangements to meet them. Whenever possible we combine a showing with the home visit, and for long distances we may place the dog with you on this same day. We only show our Eskies to homes with APPROVED applications. It costs too much to show a dog, only to have the person flunk a vet or reference or landlord or crime (against animals) check. We do NOT call folks, either, until we have an application in hand. Phone calls are too expensive for me to educate you if we can tell in 5 minutes from your application that an eskie won't make you happy or fit in your home. We will, however, let you know why we think you won't be happy with an eskie, or our eskie, in your home.

Yup, we sure do CHECK all those things, too, so if you have any skeletons in the closet we are SURE to find them, and applying would be a waste of both your time and ours. Also, if we turn you down, and later get other applicants near your area, we ask to see their phone bills so we can make sure they are not "your friend" trying to go around the system and get the dog. Yes, we have several years experience in this and know all the tricks, so don't waste your time.

If you haven't given up on us yet, please contact me about any dogs you are interested in from our rescue. We work hard to find the dog a perfect home, but also to ensure the best fit for you and your family. We want you to enjoy your new buddy, too, and never try to place any dog in a home just to get him or her "adopted".

If we cannot place one of our dogs with you, we can often suggest and/or send listings for other dogs that may suite your needs better. If we completed a home visit for you, we are also willing to provide this info/backing to another rescue if it saves you and them time on another home visit. Some rescues prefer to do their own, and others will honor a visit by another rescue, so it depends on where you are looking.

Well, I guess that is about it. Sorry for the long verbage, but I would rather you read it from our webpage so we understand each other up-front and so I (hopfully) don't leave anything important out.
MI American Eskimo Rescue (SE MI)

Dearborn, MI 48124
Email: tandybear@hotmail.com.
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