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Adopting A Friend

We have many wonderful animals waiting to be adopted into loving homes. By adopting you can help save the lives of two animals - the pet you adopt and a unwanted, homeless animal somewhere who can be rescued because of space you helped free up by adopting! Not every pet is lucky enough to have a loving home. Together, we can change that! Adopt your next best friend from a pet rescue or shelter!

Paradise is dedicated to finding the best homes for our once homeless pets. To make sure we meet this goal, we carefully examine all applications. We will check all personal references and veterinarians (if provided).  All applicants for dog adoptions are subject to a home visit.


Unless otherwise noted at time of adoption, our adoption fees are as follows:


Puppies (0-7 months): $200+

Lap dogs:  $200+ 

Adult Dogs (7 months - 7 years):  $175

Senior Dogs (7+ years): $125

Special Needs Dogs: $125



Kittens (0-7 months):  $125

Adult Cats (7 months - 7 years):  $100

Seniors (7+ years): $50

Special Needs Cats: $50

All animals at PAR are spayed/neutered prior adoption and up-to-date on all vaccinations (per age appropriate at time of adoption).

The Adoption Application along with more information can be found on our website: www.parpets.org/

Who We Are

Our mission is...
1.  To assist in decreasing the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Lapeer County. (i.e. endorsing early-age spay/neuter, alteration prior to adoption and feral cat spay/neuter programs.)
2.  To find permanent homes for spayed/neutered, fully tested and vaccinated homeless pets.
3.  Humane Education -To support animal safety and the prevention of animal cruelty through the promotion of humane treatment of all animals and supporting a ban on cosmetic procedures in animals.
4.  To give appropriate medical treatment to minimize the suffering of sick, injured or abused cats and dogs and to practice updated health care guidelines that aid in the prevention and control of infectious disease.
5.  To assist in the safe return of lost pets to their rightful homes.

Come Visit Us

We would love to have you meet the animals we have available for adoption and show you around the rescue!

Rescue Hours:
Monday - 5pm - 8pm

Tuesday- 9am - 1 pm
Wednesday - 9am - 1
Friday - 5pm - 8pm
Saturday - 9am - 1pm
Or by appointment


Contact Us

2266 N Lapeer Road
Lapeer, MI 48446

Phone: (810) 969-4455
Fax: (810) 969-4476
Email: adopt@parpets.org
Website: www.parpets.org
Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/parpets

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