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On Memorial Day weekend, little 5 lb Andi appeared at the edge of a wooded area between Holland and Fennville. She was tired, hungry, and scared, too scared to come close enough to people to be taken to safety. Teeny, tiny Andi somehow survived in the woods for three more nights amongst the coyotes, foxes, owls, and hawks before finally being caught in a live trap set to capture her. How did Andi get there? Andi's family dumped her there. A person in the area had seen a car stop in the area earlier in the day, open a door, throw something out and then drive off. Little did the person know until later that it was this little dog they tossed out. When she was captured, Andi was afraid, but after just ten minutes of cuddling her tight and giving her some treats, she knew she was safe. The following week Andi went to the vet for a physical and to be spayed. Unfortunately, the vet shared some bad news with us-Andi was heartworm positive. Andi is barely an adult, just 2 - 3 years old. She is so very sweet and loving-she doesn't deserve to be tossed aside and then face a life-ending disease. She's been horribly let down by people she trusted and loved, yet she re-opens her heart and soul to love again. Help us give Andi a better life than she found herself in. Given Andi's age and that she is otherwise healthy, the best course of treatment is two weeks of antibiotics, an injection followed by six weeks of strict crate rest, a second injection and another six weeks of crate rest. After that, she'll re-tested and pronounced heartworm negative-we pray. The heartworm treatment is not inexpensive. The cost of the drug to kill the heartworm has increased. Help Andi have a better life and donate towards her treatment. Donations may be made to paypal@anewstartonlife.com or to ANSOL at PO Box 78, Hamilton MI 49419. For updates on Andi as she undergoes treatment, contact dltabor@frontier.net

ANSOL is always in need of donations so that we may help more of the dogs that we are asked to take in who would otherwise suffer because their owners cannot afford the costly medical treatments or from the breeding dogs that have had things like cherry eye and dry eye left untreated. Any donation, regardless of how small, will allow ANSOL to help other dogs who have, through no fault of their own, ended up needing the help that A New Start on Life can provide. And remember, your donation is tax deductible, thanks to our 501 c 3 non-profit status.

Thank you very much for your support. Donations may be made to ANSOL, P.O. Box 78 Hamilton, MI 49419 or via paypal to paypal@anewstartonlife.com A New Start on Life is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization so your donations are tax deductible.

Who We Are

A New Start on Life is a no-kill, non-profit animal rescue. We make sure that all our animals are up to date on medical needs and are spayed or neutered before placement. We have a special place in our hearts for puppy mill dogs, so you will often see puppy mill dogs available for adoption on our website.


Because of the nature of puppymill rescue, we often have dogs in our foster program with medical needs that are very costly. We do everything we possibly can for the dogs that we take in. We have had several dogs needing heart surgery and expensive orthopedic procedures. Biopsies of lumps, hernia repairs and tumor removals are done frequently on our rescues. If you would like to make a donation to help any of our dogs with high medical bills, please click on the donation button below. You will be taken to the PayPal website and you can make your donation safely and securely. The dogs all thank you in advance for any donation; no matter how large or small; that you can make to help them. If you list a specific dog for the donation to assist, your name will be listed with the dog on our website as one of its very own sponsoring angels!

Donate a BedWe use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

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Adopting a Friend

A New Start on Life has both dogs and cats for adoption. Applicants are required to fill out an adoption application and will be screened prior to being approved to adopt. Adoption fees vary according to the medical that was required for the animal, but they include: shots, worming, dental cleanings when needed, and sterilization. Regardless of the medical costs, adoption fees rarely exceed $250.00 (Some breeds may have a slightly higher adoption donation due to the rarity of their breed in rescue. If you see a dog or cat that you are interested in on our website, or would like to be pre-approved and kept on a waiting list, please fill out our online application at: http://www.anewstartonlife.com

While our adoption process may be annoying and too time consuming for some people we need you to understand that our rescue dogs will always will be our first concern. Some of our rescue dogs have special needs, and require special homes where the people are familiar with the breed, some of our rescue dogs will do better in homes with older people, and some with younger people. This is why we have you fill out the application, do a home visit etc. and go through the "screening" process. We DO NOT adopt out on a first come first serve basis. We match the right dog with the right home. We will do out of state adoptions but will not ship our dogs. Thank you.

The Adoption Process

A New Start on Life Canine Rescue has an adoption process that is similar to other rescue groups in how our dogs are adopted. Below is an explanation of each step in this process, and why each step is important.

The process begins with posting the dogs to our websites- http://www.anewstartonlife.com or http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/MI32.html.

Once you see the dog you are interested in, you fill out an application, which is forwarded to an application processor, often the foster home itself. After reviewing the application, a veterinarian check is done, followed by a phone interview with you, the applicant. Finally, a home check is done, followed by delivery of the dog and the signing of a contract and the submitting of an adoption donation.


Why do I need to fill out an application? The application gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your family, and your life .

Why is a vet check done? Vaccinations, yearly check ups, heart worm prevention, all of these are important to the good health of your dog. A vet check tells us that you care about the continued good health of your furry friend. (ANSOL does not automatically turn down applicants who have not had a pet before.)

Why is a phone interview necessary? The application is your chance to begin telling us about yourself. The phone interview is our opportunity for us to tell you about ourselves, the ANSOL organization, and more importantly, for us to tell you about the dog you are interested in. Through this conversation, you'll find out if the dog likes kids, has any quirky behaviors (like sitting on the side of the bathtub while you take your shower), any medical problems the dog may have, what you can expect from the dog, if the dog has any baggage from the puppy mills where he or she came from. This is the most important part of the adoption process. This is your opportunity to ask questions that you feel are important both about the ANSOL organization and the dogs. When going through the adoption process, we match the needs of the dog up with the home, which can best meet those needs. If a dog has some separation anxiety, the dog is best placed in a home with someone who stays home all day. If the dog needs someone who understands that specific breed, a home with experience in that breed is what we look for.

Why does my home need checking? It's not that we don't trust you-we simply want to verify that you do indeed live in the home with the fenced yard that your application says you do, and not a cardboard box in an alley, or to make sure that your home is appropriate for the dog you want to adopt. Adopting a Great Dane to a person who lives in an efficiency apartment is not the best match. We aren't doing a home check to see if you dusted on top of the dressers, just that the dog will have a safe, secure home.

If everything goes well with the vet check, phone interview and the home check, you will be told that you are approved to adopt the dog you applied for. When you are ready to take the dog home, you will be asked to sign a contract. This contract is standard with rescue groups. The contract is for the safety and welfare of the dog, as well as for you. Our concern for the dog continues long after it has been adopted and if something happens once the dog is home, we want to help out. If you can no longer keep the dog, please contact us and we will take the dog back. We have rescued some of these dogs from terrible conditions. We do not want them to go back to those, or worse, to be put down when there are members of our organization who will take the dog back in and foster it until another good home is found.

Discounts are given if you adopt multiple dogs. Your adoption donations goes towards covering the cost of the veterinarian work (spay, neuter, dental, heartworm test, prevention, shots, etc.).

Keeping in touch with us:

If you are a previous adopter from us or one of our volunteers, please join our e-mailing list at ANSOL@yahoogroups.com to keep up on all our latest happenings and goings on! Also please check out our new website at http://www.anewstartonlife.com.

Volunteering and Donations

A New Start on Life is always in need of volunteers and donations. Without them we couldn't survive. 100% of the adoption fee goes for the care of the adopted animal and the multitudes of others just like it, as do all the donations made to A New Start on Life. We can always use transport help, and foster homes are more valuable than gold and treated as such! If you have room in your home and heart for a temporary dog or cat, please contact us and let us know. We would love to have you fill out a volunteer application.

How to Meet Us!

The animals that are available through A New Start on Life are mostly housed in volunteers homes on a "fostering" basis. If you would let us know which animal or animals you are interested in, we would be happy to set up a meeting for you upon your adoption approval. The majority of our foster pets attend a monthly adoption event at Pet Co in Holland (3424 West Shore Drive Holland, MI 49424) on the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.. Drop by and say hello....and maybe meet your new best friend.
A New Start on Life Holland MI 49424
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Phone toll free: 1-866-716-9393
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