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Second Noah would very much like to place our adoptable pets in new homes. won't you please open your heart and hearth to one of these beautiful deserving pets? Every pet deserves a forever home of it's very own.

All Pets... Click here to see our Happy Tails! These wonderful pets have found their forever homes!


Many thanks to Steven Cook for his generous donation. Steven is the author of the song "Legend of Michigan's Dogman" Check out his website for some interesting info on this local phenomenon.

Great News! We are now tax exempt. We recently received our 501(c)(3) status. All donations are now deductible to the extent state and federal laws allow.

Great Reads! Second Noah would like to recommend the following books to animal lovers everywhere.

Marley and Me... by John Grogan.................... On the best seller list for over a year, this dog is every dog you have ever known, all rolled into one. A must read!

Pieces of My Heart, tales from animals and Nature... by Jim willis. Beautiful, sad, funny. One of the best

Best Samantha Glen. This book is about the founding and struggles and success of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Angel Canyon, Kanab, Utah. A must read for all animal lovers, and a great inspiration for anyone wishing to save these furrry angels.


As the weather continues to get colder, please do not forget your furkids outside. Clean fresh water at all times, as well as clean dry bedding. Water freezes quickly outdoors, so keep it thawed by adding warm water throughout the day or consider investing in an electric bowl, or bucket. Better still, bring your pet indoors to keep them and you toasty warm! And, watch the salt you use on walks and driveways. salt and most chemical de-icers can burn their pads and most are toxic if ingested. Look for kid and pet safe products. Also, please leave your pet home when running errands. Your car may be warm when you stop at the store, but loses heat very quickly. It quickly become like an icebox inside without a constant source of heat. Even your pet's fur coat can keep him warm for only a short time. And folks, this obviously goes for your human children too! Take them in stores with you or leave them home. Better safe than sorry.

Important Info

Due to recent illness, we are not taking in any animals for the near future.

Currently Second Noah no longer has funds for our programs. If you need spay/neuter assistance, contact your local animal control. most have info on programs in your area<2>

Who We Are

Second Noah is a non profit organization founded by two lifelong friends in west central Michigan. We recognised the need for an alternative to "dog pounds" that euthanize or give animals to research. We are a no-kill organization promoting spaying and neutering as the only effective solution to pet over-population.

Our efforts are supported entirely by adoption fees, fund raisers, annual memberships and donations. We gratefully accept donations of any size, as well as supplies for the animals, such as food,crates, carriers, toys, blankets etc. If you can donate any of these items, new or used, please contact us. We will arrange for pickup if necessary.

Adopting a friend

Second Noah has an adoption application to tell us something about your home and accomodations for your new pet, including your primary vet. We also have an adoption contract outlining your legal responsibilities towards your new pet. We require at least one home visit prior to placement to insure the adoption is a good match. Because of this we cannot place animals outside of Michigan.

Adoption Policy

All Second Noah animals are for adoption primarily as household companions. None of our dogs are intended to be chained or tied outside or kenneled outside. If you do not have a fenced yard, please consider carefully the exercise and "nature call" needs before adopting.

We do not guarantee the hunting abilities of any of our dogs of hunting or part hunting breeds. If you are specifically looking for a hunting dog, we recommend you seek a reputable breeder of hunting breeds of your choice.

Our cats are intended to be indoor companions. It is well known that outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan due to the hazards of dogs, traffic and disease. An indoor cat is a healthy, happy cat and makes an excellent companion.

We discourage the declawing of cats. Declawing involves the amputation of the first joints of the paws. This is a mutilation of the foot. Training and other alternatives are a better option. Ask your veterinarian.

We do not adopt to students unless you are a permanent local resident. Every summer our shelters and pounds are filled because students have gotten pets, only to abandon them at the end of term when they return home.

Our Adoption Fees

$95 for dogs, any age. Unless otherwise noted. All dogs over 6 months are altered. All dogs are up to date on shots and heartworm tested.

$65 for cats of any age. All cats over 6 months are altered. $25 All cats are Leukemia tested and also up to date on all shots.

Come Visit Us!

Second Noah does not have a shelter, all animals are fostered in private homes to better socialize them. If you see an animal you might be interested in, please contact us. We can usually arrange a first home visit. .
Second Noah Animal Welfare Organization
P.O. Box 231

Reed City, MI 49677
231-832-2639, but please email first as we are very busy!
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