10-4, Good Buddy!

In mid September 2006 a call came into Knapptime about a lost Congo African Grey parrot. At first we recommended all the usual things, list him in the local newspapers, list him on 911ParrotAlert, put his cage in the yard, put his favorite foods in his cage, play his favorite music so that he can hear it. We went with the one mile/one month theory that says a bird will stay in a one mile radius of where he flew from for the first month. Flyers were made, posted locally, reward offered and Dusty was seen several times, but not recaptured.

In Michigan winters are cold, it snows, and many people think that you should give up looking for a bird if you haven't found him/her by winter. April Konopka didn't subscribe to this train of thought. Her baby was out there somewhere and she was determined to find him.

Through the winter we didn't hear of sightings so we assumed that Dusty had found a warm place to spend the winter and were we right!!! In April of 2007 April Konopka called and she was so excited it took me a bit to realize she was speaking English. A Grey matching Dusty in personality and vocabulary had been found in Las Vegas, Nevada! April was ready to board the next plane.

911ParrotAlert can add one more found bird to the GEO files! Steve Saunders had spotted Dusty coaxed him down, then took him to Cassandra Saunders, his wife. Cassandra posted a FOUND bird on 911ParotAlert and of course April spotted it! She immediately got in touch with Cassandra. The bird fit her description of her lost bird, reacted to her on the telephone, and had a similar vocabulary to her Dusty. Plans were made to get Dusty to Michigan and April was elated!

...elated and afraid at the same time. Her hopes were pinned on this bird being Dusty, but there was that niggling doubt...

Aprils' husband works with a trucking company and one of the drivers offered to go to Las Vegas and pick Dusty up. The driver, who prefers to remain anonymous, drove Dusty 2000 miles and Dusty learned CB lingo!
Meantime, April could wait no longer so we planned a trip to meet the truck and shave a few days off Dusty's homecoming.

April, Larry and I met the truck and driver in Ohio and the look on April's face when Dusty's cage was taken from the truck spoke volumes. Tears of joy and relief ran down her face as she assured Dusty he was going home, thanked everyone many times, hugged all of us, yes, this is her baby and her world is complete again.

We put Dusty in the back seat with April and began the trek home. Dusty immediately went to the side where April sat and began making Nextel sounds to her while April called her family to let them know the good news.

Rescue in New Orleans:

September 4, 2005 Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE), a 501(c)3 avian rescue
based in Southeast Michigan, deployed to Baton Rouge Louisiana in support of Hurricane Katrina's avian victims.
KARE's deployment team joined the massive animal rescue just beginning to get
underway. Along with 911 Parrot Alert, Mattie Sue Athan, Julie Burge, DVM, and many other well known and willing hands we got to work. Many
birds are safe, warm and in their homes thanks to all for the efforts. After several weeks in the field KARE's team returned to Michigan. We rested,
recollected needed supplies and returned for the final effort. This time we stayed a month, through Christmas and New Years.

Our Mission:

At present, companion birds are the third preferred pet in the USA. We find loving, adoptive homes for unwanted
or rescued companion birds with people who are experienced in bird care or are eager to learn. We believe that
all pet birds deserve quality care, love, and respect and that bird owners should have access to the most current
bird care information possible. Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE) is a Rescue and a Temporary
Sanctuary Facility for exotic birds. We provide birds a stable,loving home for the duration of their stay at KARE.
We do not sell or breed birds. We offer birds for adoption in accordance with the KARE adoption policy located
at URL http://www.knapp-time.com/HowToAdop.html.

Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE) was
incorporated in the State of Michigan on June 18, 2002. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our Federal
EIN number is 61-1412833. KARE is recognized as publicly supported charitable organization.

Our goals:
Educate persons interested in bird ownership about the proper care for pet birds. Provide an avenue for persons
who can't keep their bird, but want to ensure a quality new home for their pet. Find homes for displaced birds in
permanent adoptive homes or shelters/sanctuaries, depending on the bird's individual needs, with persons who
understand and respect birds for their uniqueness. Rehabilitate and correct behavioral problems in birds resulting
from neglect, abuse, or improper care.

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a specific bird who is in need of a cage, continuous medical care, and the additional love of a human.

Become a contributing member. Your donations will help provide for toys, food, vet bills, replacement cages,
special perches for the severely handicapped. Your donation is tax deductible.

You can provide a permanent adoptive home. These birds often have changed homes a number of times. The average
companion parrot will 7 different owners in it's lifetime. It is our ambition to find permanent homes for each bird where
he or she can find security and a sense of belonging.

You can be a releasing parent. If you cannot keep your bird for reasons of family, money, logistics, etc., please consider
donating your bird to Knapptime. We have a waiting list of adoptive homes. We will do all that we can to insure that your
pet gets the best possible home.

You can donate supplies or funds to our effort. Your donation is tax deductible.

You can volunteer your time or expertise towards the operation and survival of the program.

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Nell Knapp President KARE Larry Knapp Vice President KARE
Christina Kemp Director of Education Ron Scaramuzzino Operations Director
Anita Scaramuzzino - Secretary and CEO of Public Outreach Vince Bandurski Executive Director of Grant Research
Mattie Sue Athan Director of Parrot Recapture and
IAABC Certified Companion Parrot Behavior Consultant,
Best-Selling/Award-Winning Author
Pam Barns Public Assistant Executive Director of Grant Research

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