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Our shelter has made a committment to our county to try and get the cat population under control. Nothing is more stressful than kitten season when it is a never ending stream of kittens coming into the shelter. Many die and others suffer needlessly. What is so hard is trying to save them all, it is very stressful. We are offering low cost neutering and spaying of all cats. Male cats are just $30.00 for neutering and females are $40.00. You must call to schedule an appointment and to see if you qualify. . There are many beautiful animals at our shelter waiting for new homes and new beginnings. We do same day adoptions and encourage potential adopters to bring their canine family members to the shelter to meet their new brother or sister. That gives us an idea as to how the dogs are going to get along once they adjust . Slow introductions in neutral territory can make all of the difference.
Our 2 greatest wishes (besides finding homes for everyone) are that people would please put identification tags on their pets and please have each and every one spayed or neutered!

Millions of animals die needlessly in this country simply because there are too many. We can all do our small part to end the insanity by keeping our pets out of that breeding pool.
Dare To Care Our shelter is offering microchipping of family pets for just $20.00

Who We Are

We are a County Funded Animal Shelter serving the towns of Roscommon, Higgins Lake, St Helen, Houghton Lake, Prudenville and part of Gladwin. Most animals that come to our shelter are found as strays but we attempt to help people find homes for unwanted pets as room at the shelter allows. Our staff and volunteers are committed to the humane treatment of animals. We try to educate the public as best we can, when we can. Most of the animals coming into the shelter are strays and we have little or no information as to their backgrounds. All we can tell you is how they react while in our care. They do not come into the shelter toting medical reports or breed identification. We would love to be able to vet every animal that came into our facility but that is just not possible. So our information as to medical conditions will be limited to what we observe at the shelter or if they were vetted while in our care. We are a county run facility and we try our best to treat the injured and the very ill but we have limited funds. We can only give you an educated guess as to what their breed might be. Many times we disagree amongst ourselves as to what breed an animal might be. Only an animal's mother or a DNA test would be able to tell us for sure what the heritage would be. The economy has taken a toll on the Animal Shelters as well as everyone else. It cost more for food, immunizations and veterinary care and we are forced to increase our adoption fees. All unaltered animls will now be $50.00 but that will include immunizartions. Any pet that is altered is $75.00 which includes immunizations, excluding rabies vaccine. Right now our shelter is running a special on all cat adoptions, to adopt a cat it is only $30.00. This includes cats that are already neutered, spay, front declawed, cats and kittens. This is a limited time only so don't delay.

Volunters Needed

The Shelter is always looking for new friends to help with some of the many little things that can be done to make life better for our shelter animals and also help us get these guys into good homes. We are always in need of people to walk and brush dogs, help out at mobile adoption events or just spend a few moments to cuddle the kitties. All of the photography is done right at our shelter. We try to get the animals' faces out there so that potential adopters can see how beautiful they really are. I would love to have people who are willing to post our fliers and posters around the community. Volunteers do as much or as little as they think they can. If you have time just stop in and give a needy animal a little of your time. If you are unable to help with walking of animals we are always looking for persons who would help in the transportation of animals to other rescue groups in attempt to find homes and ease overcrowding of the shelter.

Adopting a friend

So often people come into our Shelter asking what we could use in the way of donations. Well here is our wish list. Cat Carriers Wire dog crates, small, medium and large Baby scales for weighing cats and kittens Walk on dog scale Dog Food Cat Food Kitty Litter Electric heating pads Heat lamps

Come Visit Us, You may find your new Best Friend!

Roscommon Animal Shelter
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Phone: 989-366-0260
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