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Share your happy endings stories (upload pictures share your rescue stories) To adopt, CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY fill out an on-line application. Due to volume, Inquiries about specific animals will not be answered until applications have been filled out. We strive to find the best possible home for our animals so a vet history is a must. If you have never owned an animal we encourage you to look at your local animal shelter for your new pet. In turn , you may be eligible to adopt a wonderful animal who has be , neutered "/spayed, rabies, and dental work if needed , is completely up-to-date with all vet recommended vaccinations and boosters, who has been heartworm tested and is on preventative medication, who has been wormed, had his ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Donations also have helped to support in part expensive unexpected health conditions such as heartworm, kennel cough, pneumonia, hip dysplasia, luxating patellae, and other surgeries including open chest heart surgery. $250 adoption fee is required for adult dogs, . This fee cover vets cost that is spent on vetting animal and care of animals. A legal and binding contract must be signed. Dogs may be seen ONLY AFTER the adoption application is completed and an appointment is confirmed! All dogs are housed in private homes or boarded!

Who We Are

Our mission is helping homeless animals - both dogs and cats - with rescue (both life-threatening and non-threatening situations), medical care, vaccinations, fostering, rehabilitation and placement in permanent loving homes. To remove said animals from breeding cycle through sterilization surgery, there by, helping the community with pet over-population problem and maintaining good health and safety practices for the animals through vaccinations against diseases. We find new homes for many wonderful dogs and cats of all ages and sizes, both mixed breeds and purebreds. Our adoption procedures include screening and home visits of potential adopters. The organization does not have a shelter so pets are housed in private foster homes where they receive loving care until they are adopted into responsible and loving homes. All donations go directly to aid animals in need. Expenses are kept to a minimum. We may not be able to change the world but we can change the life of each dog or cat that we Rescue.
(One Life at a Time!!)

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We are in need of volunteers for foster homes, adoption support, crafters, Fundraising support, talent people that love and want to help animals, Educational support , newsletter writers and many other tasks,
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