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Runnin' Rescue is a small, not for profit animal rescue that networks with shelters in Michigan to match up available dogs with potential adopters. We also foster dogs as space allows, work with purebred rescue groups as needed, and post animals on our site for shelters that are without Internet access. Every pet adopted through us is given complete medical care, is altered, and temperment tested before being sent home.
All pets that are fostered with Runnin' Rescue are safe from harm...They will remain with us until they are adopted into permanent homes. However, most of the animals posted on our site are NOT in our foster care. Please E-MAIL US if you're interested in a pet.
**Sorry, we DO NOT ship animals or adopt outside of Michigan due to our adoption policy**

Adopting a friend

If you're interested in an animal viewed on our site, please e-mail us immediately. Many of these guys are located in shelters where they don't have much time, so we have to try and beat the clock. Our adoption procedure consists of three steps: #1. Fill out an application. #2. Based on the information provided on the application, we will call your veterinarian to make sure all your current/past pets have been well cared for. #3. Visit your home. Please note that this IS NOT meant to invade anyone's privacy...We simply want to make sure that your home is safe and prepared for your new pet. If all goes well with the home visit, the pet will be delivered as soon as possible.

We ask that you contact us to set up an appointment to see an adoptable animal after your adoption application has been recieved and processed.

Runnin Rescue

Runnin Rescue

Runnin Rescue
Canton, MI

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