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Please Help Tiger...

Tiger is a puppy of a puppy mill dog. He was born in rescue and is a wonderful boy. Tiger is 5 months old that deserves to have a chance at life. He is very ill and has a liver shunt.

There were high hopes that Tiger would grow out of this and not need the surgery, but he needs the surgery

It will cost $2,500. to $3,000. for his surgery and medical treatment. Funds are always tight at the rescue. Therefore we are hoping that all the wonderful dog lovers will be able to help out with a donation. Please send to Dachshund Rescue of Ohio-North, 356 W. Granet, Hazel Park MI 48030 Make Checks payable to Deb. Boucher We will keep you updated on Tigers progress.


Dachshunds are not your best choice for families that have young children. Mixed breeds are a better choice.

Who We Are

We are a Rescue group in MI and OH. We want not only to find homes for these Dachsund's, but good homes and forever homes. You must have a fenced yard to be able to adopt.

Adopting a friend

Man's best friend, Womans bestfriend. These dog's will give you alot of love and affection.

Please phone or email. You can pick up a dog or we will deliver.
Dachshund Rescue of Ohio
356 W. Granet Ave
Hazel Park MI 48030
Phone: 248-547-5161
Email: djmbooboo@hotmail.com
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