!! Please read this entire page before contacting us. Thank You.

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We can accept small dogs into our rescue, but we often are full.  When we are full we have a waiting list for spaces.

!! Please read this entire page before contacting us. Thank You. !


Please, spay/neuter your pet.  Watch this video!

* You can always contact us at any time about any of the dogs listed here in our web site. To arrange for a viewing appointment, you must first fill out the application below*.

*If you need to place a small dog with us or if you are looking to adopt a new dog into your life, please contact us.

Thinking of getting a new puppy or dog if you have kids?  How about if you have toddlers or pre-schoolers?  What about adding a new baby human to your dogs life, (if you can do this right, your dog won't have to come to us!)  Then this is the book for you!!!  It's: "Dogs and Kids, Parenting tips", by Bardi McLennan, from Howell book house.  This is one of the best books ever!  It's gonna save you time, money and heartbreak!  It will also help you understand why we won't adopt small dogs to families with small kids!  About 50% of the small dogs turned over to our rescue come from families who buy small dogs for small kids and the dogs start snapping.  The highest risk for facial dog bites in children, is the age group 1 thru 4 years of age! A two year old child can only act like a two year old and the small dog ends up protecting itself, sooner or later, with it's teeth.

Thanks for stopping by our site. Good Luck!

Some things to think about while we share our lives with our dog friends: click on links below
Rainbow Bridge,


Why do we do rescue work?

September 11 at the Rainbow Bridge

DO NOT buy a dog from a pet store!? Here's why :
"The majority of the puppies sold in pet stores come from breeding farms called puppy mills.  These dog farms typically keep dozens or hundreds of dogs in tiny, filthy pest and feces infested crates their entire lives, producing litter after litter. They rarely receive veterinary care, exercise, or love".....click here to read more.

Who We Are

We rescue and foster small dogs in the Ann Arbor/SE Michigan area. Li'l Dog Rescue is operated by Janet Ledford and Patrick Clancy.

Janet is a professional dog trainer, (a graduate of the West Virginia Canine Collage), a dog groomer and has many years of experience working with dogs and other animals. Patrick is a former veterinary technician and dog lover, with experience in animal hospitals and kennels. We also operate a pet grooming shop in Ann Arbor, QUALITY GROOMING and a dog boarding facility:

Quality Pet Care

Our goal is to provide a place where small dogs can be sheltered and nurtured when in need and to find the best possible home for them, and to help people looking for a little companion find the best match for their lifestyle, all the while, keeping the best interest of the dogs as the primary objective. **We work for the dog!**

We strive to achieve this goal through careful commitment to providing any medical care and evaluating the dogs behavior and personality.  We have the dog examined by a veterinarian and provide all shots and heartworm testing.  We also have the vet determine if the dog is spayed/neutered, and have the dog spayed/neutered if it is not already.  We then try to determine the dog's level of socialization and personality, its level of housebreaking, and other training issues.  We work with the dog to try to solve any problems it may be having and hopefully get it on its way to being a good canine citizen. All of our foster dogs are in our home, or approved foster homes.  We are able to keep all foster dogs for as long as it takes, to find him or her the right "forever home".  Be it two weeks or two years! All senior dogs who are not placed will live in our home till it's time for them to cross the "rainbow bridge".  Please don't adopt a dog to rescue it from a rescue!  Adopt a dog to be a member of your family!  And yes, we can be choosy about where a dog goes.  We want to make sure that dog never has to be rescued again!

We usually have several small dogs, (and sometimes big ones), needing good homes with responsible owners.  We work with many differnt shelters, as well as other rescue groups.  We work for the dogs and do the best we can for them!  We ask for an adoption fee, check references, (please give references other then all family members), do a vet check on your past vet history and a home visit.  If you have a small dog that needs a new home, or if you would like to adopt one, contact us.

Adopting a friend


When we receive the app we will contact you by e-mail or phone.  We require an application to be filled out before we have you meet the dog.  When we have your app we will check your references and check your vet history.  We will also check with your landlord if applicable.  This can take from one to three days.  We require an adoption fee of between $175.00 to $250.00, depending on the dog.  The dog will be up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm checked, spayed/neutered, examined by a veterinarian and groomed.  Adoption fees are non-refundable. Assuming everything checks out, the adoption of the dog is bound by an adoption contract, signed by both parties, (us and the new owners).  We do not ship dogs or adopt out of state.  Owning a dog is a fifteen year commitment, (or longer), and we try to ensure the new owners are willing and up to the task.  We want the new owners to be happy in their pet choice and that the best interests of the dog are served!

** We do not adopt to people with no recent experience owning a dog, (We check vet references). Sorry, but we do this because many of the dogs we get have been through several homes or have special needs and we do not want to place them with inexperienced owners. **


Please do not fill out an application if you do not meet the needs of the dog as listed.  For example, if it says no kids, do not apply if you have kids.  If it says dog needs fenced yard, do not apply if you do not have a fenced yard, ...etc.  Thank you.
If you see a dog in our rescue list that you would like to adopt, please feel free to fill out our on-line application prior to coming out to meet the dog.

**PLEASE NOTE**  We only take applications on dogs we have listed. We do not keep a "wish list" and cannot "pre-approve" you for dogs we don't have. Thank you.


Many of our dogs are special needs dogs. Be sure you understand the special needs of the dog you are interested in adopting. Feel free to ask us by email or phone if you aren't sure.

For dog or cat boarding, or doggie day care, in the Ann Arbor area, check out Quality Pet Care: qualitypet.net

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We Need Your Help!!!

No gift is too small or too large.

Making Donations:

We are always in need of dog supplies, toys, rawhide, chewies, treats, Nutro dog food, puppy food, blankets, crates, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, bleach, paper towels, etc...

Contact us if you would like to donate any items to Li'l Dog Rescue.

We also need money.  If you would like to donate money, please donate to one of our vet accounts below:

VCA Woodland Animal Hospital to the account of: Lil Dog Rescue/Fosters
2200 S Main St
Ann Arbor MI

Ann Arbor Animal Hospital to the account of: Patrick Clancy/Fosters
2150 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Dr.Altrogge 810-231-4084 Home Health Care For Pets, under the account of Janet Ledford/Fosters

A special THANK YOU, to all the vets and animal care workers who help us and other rescues!  A big THANK YOU to the other rescues who help the dogs we can't!!

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These are mostly dogs we no longer have available, but are some cute pictures anyway... :-)

!!! Please read this entire page before contacting us. Thank You. !!!

Lil Dog Rescue: Contact information:

Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: 734-665-4699
Email: lildogrescue@hotmail.com

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