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Who We Are

The Michigan Animal Rescue League Inc. (MARL) has been performing a community service for over 60 years without the aid of city, state or federal agencies. We do not euthanize our animals (except when injury, disease, or temperament makes other options impossible) or sell them for research. No animal is released for adoption without spaying or neutering (age permitting). Our animals are given food, shelter socialization and medical care when needed. Our dogs and cats are exercised on a daily basis.

We express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported us over the years. Without your support, we could not survive, and thousands of animals would have never made it into the hearts and homes of loving families.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT IT TAKES 1-5 DAYS TO PROCESS AN APPLICATION. Filling out an application does not guarantee adoption. Applications will be evaluated and we will make decisions based on the best interest of the animal.
Please note, we do not conduct adoptions outside of the state of Michigan.

Adopting A Friend

By far, the most important work we do at MARL is finding our animals loving, life-long homes. Consequently, we strive to place our animals in homes that serve our animals' best interests. Our customers, potential pet owners, are encouraged to take their time meeting and revisiting with individual animals in our Adoption Center. This way, potential owners can decide whether their interest in adopting a pet is real and will last. Our in-depth knowledge of the animals aids us in working closely with customers to find that special match of person and pet.

When a customer makes the decision to adopt a specific animal, the potential owner meets with a MARL adoption counselor as a part of the application process. Through interviews with the people, our staff can determine whether a particular pet suits the person's lifestyle or personality. Our adoption process also provides the forum for a discussion on responsible pet ownership. The adoption fee, reasonable at $200.00 for dogs and $100.00 for cats, covers the costs associated with the animal's rehabilitation at MARL, including sterilization, vaccinations, testing for disease, and day-to-day care.

We are happy to report that repeat business is a hallmark of MARL. Past adopters return to our facility again and again. Many come with photos to show us how well-adjusted their MARL pets are. Others simply come to visit. Many MARL pet owners return to us after the loss of their beloved pets, eager to give other animals a new chance at life.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or dog from MARL, please come visit our shelter!


790 Featherstone, Pontiac, Michigan 48342
Phone: (248) 335-9290

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