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Michigan Samoyed Rescue has been in existence for over fifteen years. We are dedicated to the protection and betterment of our beloved breed.

Michigan Samoyed Rescue
C/O Rich Kimmerling
P.O. Box 90714
Burton MI 48509
Phone: (810) 736-4898
Email: Rich@michigansamoyedrescue.org
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Samoyed info
General appearance
The Samoyed, being essentially a working dog, should present a picture of beauty, alertness and strength, with agility, dignity and grace. The samoyed should not be long of body, but muscular, allowing liberty, with a deep chest, strong neck, straight front and especially strong loins. Samoyed should both give the appearance of being capable of great endurance but free of coarseness.

  • Males should be masculine in appearance and deportment without unwarranted aggressiveness.
  • Females should be feminine in appearance without weakness of structure or apparent softness of temperament.

    Males - 21 to 23-1/2 inches at the withers (top of the shoulders.)
    Females - 19 to 21 inches at the withers.

    Males - 55 to 65 lbs.
    Females - 45 to 55 lbs.

    The Samoyed is a double-coated dog. The body should be well-covered with an undercoat of soft, short, thick, close wool with longer and harsh "guard" hair growing through it to form the outer coat. The coat should glisten with a silver sheen.

    Samoyeds should be pure white, white and biscuit, cream or all biscuit.

    General temperament
    Intelligent, gentle, loyal, adaptable, alert, full of action, eager to serve, friendly but conservative, not distrustful or shy, not overly aggressive.

    Excerpted from "The Samoyed Breed Standard" approved by the Samoyed Club of America, August 10, 1993. Copyright: 1998 American Kennel Club.

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