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Maine Sheltie Rescue is a not-for-profit group comprised of volunteers who give their time, ability, and homes to help place Shelties where they will be cared for and loved. Our main goals are the protection of Shelties already here, the prevention of further over-breeding and the education of the public about the Sheltie breed.

The birth of Maine Sheltie Rescue came in response to the need to find good homes for Shelties that are abandoned, lost, or mistreated and that are in dire need of a new lease on life. We also help, in extreme emergencies, those who have to give up their dogs. We feel that the responsibility for caring for lost, neglected, and abused Shelties must rest with those who know and love the breed.

Maine Sheltie Rescue is made up of individuals who have many years of experience with this breed and understand the needs of the dogs. What better reward could there be than knowing that dozens of Shelties, which otherwise might have been put to sleep, left out to starve, or to run loose in the streets to be crippled or killed in traffic, are instead currently in loving homes.

Further information about Maine Sheltie Rescue may be found on our website (the link found at the bottom of this page). All applications and agreements are available there. We are a tax exempt organization. Donations and payments can be made through our PayPal link also available on the MSR website.

Adopting a friend

Fees: Fees can be found on our Adoption Application which is available on our website

Spaying/Neutering: It is a requirement that all Shelties placed for adoption by Maine Sheltie Rescue be spayed or neutered.

Contracts: All adopters of rescued dogs will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement also found on our website. This contract is legal and binding. Please read it carefully.

Miscellaneous: Since we do not know you personally, the information from the Adoption Request Questionnaire (which is required of anyone seeking a rescued Sheltie) will help us to match up the right kind of Sheltie for your family. We place our Shelties only in good, loving homes, and we screen prospective adopters thoroughly.

We suggest using positive training methods with your pets:

Maine Sheltie Rescue
Holly Fent
66 Caleb Street
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 773-6677

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