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About Us

Dogs Deserve Better is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family. We are a chained dog and penned dog education, legislation, and rescue 501c3 nonprofit group. We are based in PA, but now have reps all over the country. We are working to change laws and educate society that it's not OK to chain or pen your dog. Dogs long to be part of the family, they are not lawn ornaments, they are living beings deserving of love and respect. Please consider adopting a chained dog today.

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Wish List

Saving dogs is a labor of love - for those who dedicate their lives to this cause - it is a calling - even an obsession. As a result, common sense is thrown out the window when a choice needs to be made as to whether to pay the mortgage or pay for heartworm treatment for one dog:) This lack of reason is a common pattern of rescuers losing everything in the name of saving dogs.This is where you come in. We are always in need of something - and rarely have the funds to support our dog habit. Below is our wish list. If you can help with any of these items - please contact: DDBMaine@yahoo.com

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Sponsor a Dog

All of the dogs that come into our rescue have been abandoned or abused. Most have never received proper vet care, food, or toys of any kind. It is so rewarding to give these dogs the lives they deserve because they are always so grateful!By sponsoring one of our rescue dogs - you will enable us to pay for vaccinations, Heartworm & Lyme disease tests, as well as spay and neutering costs to ensure the good physical health of every dog that we save.

Or send a check or care packages to your sponsored pup: Dogs Deserve Better - Maine
PO Box 6103
Falmouth, ME 04105

Adopting a friend

If you'd like to adopt one of our dogs, please e-mail DDBMaine@yahoo.com for an adoption application.

Our adoption process includes:

***All current pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered before a new dog can be brought into the home. We DO NOT adopt into homes where unaltered pets reside***Our adoption fee is $200.00. However, if a dog comes from Arkansas or Tennessee there may be an additional $100 transport fee unless otherwise noted. We use a USDA licensed transporter to bring our dogs from Southern shelters which costs us $125.00/dog. Your adoption fee goes towards covering the vet costs of each dog. As basic vetting for each dog generally ranges from $300 - $400, the adoption fee does not completely cover this expense. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, Heartworm/Lyme tested, on Heartworm and flea/tick prevention and de-wormed several times prior to going to an adoptive home. Additionally our dogs are kept in foster care for at least two-weeks, often longer, for evaluation, prior to adoption.

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We now have a new donation option for those who may be on a limited income, but still want to help. Through Paypal - you can set-up recurring monthly donations for as little as $10/month to help our rescued pups.$10.00/month






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Dogs Deserve Better would love to have you as a volunteer in your area or via phone, mail, or Internet.

Where do your strengths lie? Do you have a passion for helping these dogs? Do you have a dog in your community living this way, and need to do something about it? Let us know what you'd like to do to help.Here are some concrete ways to make a difference TODAY:1. Become an area rep. This requires diligence and a real desire to make a difference. Not for the faint of heart.2. Get brochures and put them out in your area, vets offices, restaurants, travel plazas.3. Work to change laws. Very important!4. Buy (very inexpensive!) and hang our 11x17 posters in your area. They will hold up well in the outdoors, in the rain and snow.

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