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We currently have loads of cats in need of a new home. Our adoption fee for cats over one year is just $60.00. Please come in and check out our community cat rooms and find the perfect match for you and your family! We have wonderful dogs as well, so please check out our list of available animals if you are searching for that perfect dog!


We are actively involved in various community programs. If you see a program that is dear to your heart and would like to volunteer or if you have an idea for a new program or fundraiser, please contact the shelter at 207.236.8702. A few programs we are currently involved with are: Pat-A-Pet - A group of volunteers takes selected animals to Quarry Hill, a retirement community, so residents can snuggle with a furry friend. School Outreach - Our outreach programs help young people learn the responsibilities of pet ownership and the care animals require. Senior-to-Senior Program - For those seniors looking for a feline friend, we will give you a cat free of charge. All we ask in return is that you give these special cats a warm, loving, permanent home. Cats must be over 7 yrs of age and Seniors must be over 50 yrs. Foster Program - We are looking for people interested in fostering our kittens, puppies, and occassionally special needs dogs. Periodically the shelter takes in more kittens than we can handle. During these times we need assistance with caring for these little furballs. If you are willing to help out and have time to commit to this program, please contact Laura at the shelter, 207.236.8702. Organizations such as Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and others can earn their Pet Care Badge by learning how to care for animals. Watch our website at www.pawsadoption.org for upcoming fundraising events.

Who We Are

P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center, formly Camden Rockport Animal Rescue League, was founded to provide a safe, comforting place for animals that are looking for loving, permanent homes. We are a private, non-profit animal welfare organization that provides care and love to all types of homeless animals. We believe in offering these animals a caring, loving environment for their natural lifespan. P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center is a no-kill facility that offers our animals exceptional love and attention. We thank you for visiting our site and we hope you consider helping us continue our work with the animals. There are so many ways you can help - from donating supplies to volunteering at the shelter, and of course we are always grateful for any monetary donations. We need your help and support to continue providing help to the animals that need a helping paw and lots of love.

Adopting a friend

The "How To" Of Adoption If you are looking for a special pet, please stop by. We have many animals who are looking for loving, permanent homes. All of our animals are well cared for, loved and ready for a new home. They are current on all vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. All cats have been tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia. All dogs have been tested for Heartworm and Lyme disease. Effective July 16, 2012, adoption prices will be: $100 for kittens, $75 for cats 6 months to a 1 year, $60 for cats 1- 8 years, $40 for cats over 8 years. $250 for puppies up to 6 months, $175 for dogs 7 months - 4 years, $150 for dogs 5-8 years, and $100 for dogs over 8 years. Adoption is straightforward and involves the following steps. 1) Selecting your special pet. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you determine which of our animals will be a perfect fit for your family. 2) Completing an adoption application. 3) We encourage all family members to stop by and meet the new pet before they go home, and if you are adopting a dog and have another pooch or two at home you can always bring your pup(s) to the shelter to meet the potential new addition as well. 4) Verifying your references. 5) Fostering your pet for 3 days.( This is for dogs only). Upon approval, you take the pet home to "foster" for three days. This time frame allows you to to make sure the pet is right for your life style. At the end of the three days, we ask that you return to the shelter to complete the adoption paperwork and get copies of your new pet's medical records. 6) Finalizing the adoption process

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The shelter is located just off Route 1 near the Camden Square Plaza. Traveling north on Route 1, Camden St. is the next right after the light at the Camden Square Plaza. Traveling south on Route 1, Camden St. is left at McDucks Exxon gas station just before Camden Square Plaza.
P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center
PO Box 707
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: (207) 236-8702


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