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Pawsitive Paws Forever Rescue was founded in Maine in 2013 by a dedicated group of volunteers.  The main founder has been actively involved in the dog community for over 15 years.  Because of this connection with local rescues and the local dog community they started getting an overwhelming number of calls from people needing to surrender their dogs. Even with all the rescues currently covering Maine, so many rescues were overloaded with dogs that some people just could not wait for a foster home to become available.  That is when PPFR saw a need to fill the gap for these dogs in urgent need to find a suitable home.  

There were only a few other options.  Try to find a good home through free websites like Craigslist, and to network with their own family and friends.  And these options limited the availability of finding good reputable homes.  

Pawsitive Paws Forever Rescue is an all-volunteer group dedicated to improving the lives of pit bulls, rottweilers, boxers and other bully breeds in Maine. PPFR works with local rescues, animal shelters, dog businesses, and local residents to reduce the suffering of bully breeds through awareness events, humane education, breed ambassador programs, private consultations, and offering resources such as dog friendly insurance and rentals; as well as help potential adopters work with a reputable rescue. We believe responsible pet ownership is the key to changing the publics opinion about certain breeds. It is our goal to reach out to the public and educate them about responsible pet ownership, puppy mills and the different breeds affected by BSL.

Please note, we are an all volunteer organization.  

Because we help families surrendering  their dogs find families looking to adopt dogs we provide the most up to date information provided by the family who owns the pet.  Dogs will be evaluated on the availability of a volunteer and will be noted in the pets bio.  

There is an application process which allows us to find the right home for each dog.  

PPFR will not knowingly place a dog with a bite history.   

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