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Mission :

Our mission is to change the lives for the better, of as many animals as we can, and to end the need for shelters and rescues by fixing all the unaltered dogs and cats that we can. It will take time, but in the end it will be wonderful to see shelters and rescues empty! We believe in educating people in the proper way, to raise their pets, so there are less aggression in dogs, and as always, to be a advocate for the "Pitbull" or other bully breeds! They are so many misunderstood breeds and with proper training they are wonderful family pets and good citizens in society. Our goal is to see these breeds go back to where it started, such as the nanny dog, and not the killer they are being advertised as! It is all about the person holding the other end of the leash and the breeders who breed them. We believe this is a man made problem that the breeds are paying for.
Company Overview :

We are licensed as not only a Shelter, but we also have a Kennel License, Importing License, and we are also licensed as a Training Facility!
Description :

C.C.Strays Animal Rescue is a small rescue based out of Maine. We are a volunteer group of friends, working on getting our 501(c)(3) We rescue from not only shelters, but from where ever there is a need that we can help. Being that we are all volunteer, we are always looking for help with various things like transporters, fosters, donations of food, and all kinds of things needed to save lives. Please bare with us as we build and grow. It's a long process that is well underway, but we still have a long way to go. If you would like to help, please let us know! We would love to hear from you, because we strongly feel that without having people like you, we would not be able to save lives! here at c.c strays we also offer boarding to our rescues who have been adopted all we ask for is a bag of food for payment we feel that it is less stress for the dog to come back to us where everyone is not a stranger and they where already here to begin with . we have had several adopters use this service and the dogs walk in here like they never left . we do all we can to help our adopters pick the perfect family pet for there lifestyle. we also start our dogs with basic manners and test them for everything so you know what you are adopting from us . our policy is to be honest about our rescues temperament wise and health wise we tell you everything we know about the dog. i know i do not like surprises so i do the same for our adopters . we charge lower adoption fees as we feel a good home is way more important then trying to get back what we put into our dogs . we do not do this for the money we do it for the animals to give them a second chance at a better life . all our dogs when possible come into my home to see how they do in a home setting . we answer all questions people have and support our rescues and adopters till the end . we do not leave you after you adopt from us we are always a phone call or email away with questions you may have or training advice . no question is silly in our book . thank you for your support while we take this journey to changes animals lives for the better ...

Questions and Answers :

* What does a typical adoption of an animal in our rescue consist of?
When someone is interested in adopting, we have you fill out an adoption application. Once we get your application back, we review it and make calls. When that is done, we contact you to set up a meet and greet/home check. If all is well, approved, and everyone is happy, we then go over the contract, collect the adoption donation, and set the date for your new animal to come live with you!!

* What do we do with the adoption donation?
When rescuing a life, on average, it averages to cost at least $300.00 an animal!! It may sound like a lot, but when you consider the vaccines, worming, medication for any illnesses, legal paperwork, food, and the list can go on and on!! It all adds up, and adds up VERY quickly!! We are an out of the pocket, small rescue/shelter. Everything we have built up thus far, is all out of our own pockets, or from generous donations, from awesome people!! With all of that being said, we use your adoption donation, to put back into rescuing more, and upkeep of what we have now.

* We do not have our non-profit status as of yet, but that is our goal. It takes lots of time to get it done and in place, but we are working on it. Little at a time, one step at a time. Meanwhile, we can't just sit back and not save lives.

* What Licensing do we hold?
We are licensed as not only a Shelter, but we also have a Kennel License, and licensed as a Training Facility.

General Information :

We offer boarding to our adopters so you know your pet is safe and happy when you can't take your pup on trips. Many times there is a need, and you worry about there to send them. With this part of the program, you know that they are in good safe hands. What is the fee you ask? At this time, we charge a bag of dog food as the fee for this service! That bag of food goes to helping save lives, and in turn helps us to save more. Our dogs love to come see us, and we love to see them! So it's a win win! We also offer dog training for our adopters at same fee as boarding.

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