Thistle HIll Rescue is a small individually run state licensed rescue located in the MIssouri Ozarks. We specialize in dogs that are scheduled to be killed at local pounds and shelters, dogs that have been dumped or abandoned locally, or purchased at dog auctions to remove them from the breeding population and allow them to live the life of a beloved pet. All of the dogs are spayed or neutered, brought current on their vaccinations, de-wormed and treated with Revolution Plus to prevent fleas and ticks before being put up for adoption. Dogs over a year of age are tested for heartworms. To partially offset the cost of these procedures, there is an adoption fee for each dog. The fee varies according to the dog, and is posted after each dog's description.!

I do out-of-area adoptions. If you are within a reasonable driving distance, please be prepared to drive here to get your dog within two weeks of being notified that your application has been approved. Once your application has been approved, a non-refundable deposit of $75 will be required within 3 days in order to have the dog removed from active listings on Petfinder and held for you. The deposit will be applied to the adoption fee when you pick up your new furkid. If you will be picking your dog up within 3 days, this deposit will not be required. Payments must be made by Paypal using a credit card (NOT an e-check).

If you are too far to comfortably drive here, and you are adopting a small dog (30 pounds or under) then you can arrange for your dog to be flown to you. The cost to ship a small dog is $300, which includes airfare, a new crate, a trip to the vet to get a health certificate, and the services of a transport company that books the flights and takes the dogs to Kansas City Airport. Larger dogs (over 30 pounds) cost $400 to ship. If you wish to have your dog flown to you, all fees must be received within 3 days of approval of your application. Dogs are shipped on Fridays.

If one of my dogs looks like the right pet for you, please email me at to request an adoption application.