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Hi,, we are Beaubuddy Rescue, located in Bath, Maine.  founded in 2007,  named after my precious dog Beau, who was my best buddy.  We are a small volunteer group, strictly non profit. 

      We work with some very reputable southern groups and transports to save the many dogs and puppies that would be euthanized.  We also help local dogs here in Maine, or other states when we can.  We do not support breeding whatsoever.  Every dog, cat, and other animals, deserve a chance, no matter where they are located.  until the shelters are empty, we will continue to encourage rescuing, and spay/neuter of all pets.  

FOSTER HOMES ALWAYS NEEDED!!! if you love dogs, and can provide a safe, loving home for them until they get adopted, we welcome you!  Beaubuddy pays for everything.  We have a screening process you would need to complete.  We also take any donations of food, toys, blankets, treats, etc, etc, and send items to shelters elsewhere in need. 

Thanks so much for wanting to rescue.  PLEASE contact Julie at beaubuddyrescue@yahoo.com with any questions, or if you want to help!  .

PLEASE, give us 48 hours to get back to you.  we are swamped with pets we are trying to help, and have jobs, and family to attend to!!!   THANKS!


"Think occasionally of the suffering in which you spare yourself the sight"  Albert Schweitzer 

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