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Black Dog Syndrome....

Please don't overlook the BEAUTIFUL BLACK DOGS in our rescue! They need you the most! (See Black Dog Syndrome)<

When you adopt a black dog, you are adopting a dog that is virtually last on everyone else's selection list. Adopters visiting high kill shelters overlook the black dogs because they are plain or common...some rescues will not pull black dogs from kill shelters or take from owners because they already have black dogs in their program that are not being adopted... and black dogs are much more likely to wait longer for new homes, taking up precious foster space that can be used to save more black dogs!!! ' ..........Now take a look at our Star Bright beautiful black dogs; some have been waiting a long time for a loving home! Help us continue to save these lovely dogs from high kill shelters.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW FOSTER HOMES IN MAINE and New England!!! Currently, our ability to save more animals from high kill shelters is directly related to the amount of space we have in our foster homes. Please contact us if you are interested in fostering a puppy or dog and help us save more lives! We also could use some technical help with our websites...anyone who would like to donate some of their time and ideas please contact us:

Who We Are

Star Bright Animal Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. We are not simply an adoption agency, rather a network of volunteers from Georgia to Maine working toward a common goal: for the rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation, and placement of unwanted and homeless animals. .


We applaud your decision to adopt a rescued dog. When you adopt, you become a part of the rescue and rehabilitation of your dog and this may not be for everyone. Most of our rescued dogs have little or no formal training .... THAT IS YOUR JOB! If you've come to our website looking for the perfect family pet, we will do our best to match you with one of our rescues, but you must do your part to help this animal adjust to a new home and environment. Some of our dogs have been severely neglected or abused. Therefore they should go to a home that has lots of love and patience to give and not expect these dogs to be just like any other one you might buy that has never had the negative experiences that these poor animals have had. The dogs usually do learn to trust but just need extra time. You should be willing to give them the time they need. The younger the dog the faster they usually get over the trust issues. Then they can make wonderful pets and companions just like any other pet and you know that you have given a dog in need a new chance and a new beginning!!! They are very smart animals and will realize if you are good to them. Also, we expect a lot from our puppy adopters because they are accepting responsibility for an animal that has a clean slate---we are looking for homes with flexible schedules and a commitment to have their puppy properly socialized through classes and obedience that this puppy will not end up in the system like so many of our young adults. Please support your local shelters and animal control facilities first and then let us know if we can still help in your search for a new pet!! .

A Note about Puppies

Most of the puppies that you see in New England shelters and websites (including our own) come from southern states. Nearly 95% of the puppies in our program come from a shelter in Georgia which we have developed a close partnership with the goal of saving lives from needless euthanasia ( HOW DO WE DIFFER FROM MOST RESCUE GROUPS? (1) We are licensed in the sending state (GA) and we are licensed in ME. Because we utilize foster homes in Georgia and New England, we can track and document the quarantine and health history from the 2-3 week period the puppies spend in GA, to the transport and arrival in New England. We are licensed under the Dpt. of Ag (DOA) in Georgia and comply with health regulations in this state and are inspected on a quarterly basis. (2). We utilize the services of a USDA licensed transporter that requires puppies be at least 8 weeks of age, have a minimum of two distemper/parvo vaccines, a bordatella vaccine, other age appropriate medical care, have been quarantined from a shelter a minimum of 14 days, and pass and receive a Health Certificate by a licensed veterinarian .... all of this before they leave Georgia. Each puppy or dog travels in its own crate.

In contrast, many puppies from the south are shipped by the dozens to New England shelters and rescues by non-licensed transporters, and many are given their first vaccines on the day of transport. Many of these puppies have come straight out of an animal control facility and bounced from rescue to vet to transport in a matter of days. These animals have not completed required quarantine periods (14 days for puppies, 10 days for adults). It is common for groups to send puppies with more than two or three pups/crate to save on shipping costs; and health certificates may or may not have been issued. Unfortunately, the resulting accidents or illnesses arising from these practices have given all responsible rescuers and transporters a bad reputation .... . (3) Finally, if any of our puppies still have a surviving mother, we always take her into rescue as well. We detest the practice of rescues taking the babies but leaving their mothers behind to face euthanasia at the shelters they come from. Always ask your rescue or shelter about your puppy's mother - a responsible group will give you a responsible answer. (Also, we never euthanize a dog because it is heartworm positive, has the mange, parvo, has an injury or any other treatable condition. This runs our bills pretty high, and as a result, WE RELY ON THE GENEROUS DONATIONS of animal lovers! WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SAVING PUPPIES and adults in an ethical manner, and although we cannot move very many at a time, we are committed to ensuring that all health protocols meet or exceed state and local laws. The time, love, and medical care given to our puppies and their safe transport to New England is reflected in adoption practices and fees. . . Please support your local shelters and animal control facilities first and then let us know if we can still help in your search for a new pet!!

Adopting a friend

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> Our process begins with an application that must be submitted as the first step. If an application appears to be a match for the particular dog or puppy, we arrange for a time to discuss it over the phone. Once the phone interview takes place and there continues to be a potential for being a good match, we arrange for a meet and greet if the dog is fostered in New England and then a possible home visit. After that, references are checked and you will be contacted via email or phone that you've been approved for adoption. At this time the adoption contract and the link to pay the deposit and/or adoption fee will be sent to you. Upon approval of application, a $100 deposit via paypal is required immediately to 'hold' the dog you are adopting. This deposit will apply toward the overall adoption fee of $375. The balance of the adoption fee is paid two days in advance of the adoption date. If deposit is not received, the dog/puppy will remain available for adoption to other applicants. The application review process can take up to a week or longer depending on the volume of applications, dogs/puppies available, and number of volunteers available. Most of our volunteers work full time jobs so sometimes it is the following weekend before applicants are contacted. We make every attempt to let you know the status of your app, but sometimes we cannot if there is an over abundance of apps for one dog or puppy; in this case, we will publish the status of the dog you applied for online on our PF website. We do NOT have a facility or paid staff. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. You may email/call the contact listed on our PetFinder page for the individual dog/puppy you are interested in. Your patience is appreciated. NOTE: When your rescued dog arrives, it may be nervous and excited about the sudden changes in its life. The expectation is that your dog will need more than 24-48 hours to settle into its new surroundings until its personality may begin to show and its nerves begin to calm down. Your patience in helping your dog through this transition period is expected and not giving the adoption a chance to work may result in the non-refunding of your adoption fee. Please review our list of adoptable dogs. To apply, please email for an adoption application.


Gift certificates from Tractor Supply or Wal-mart. Old blankets or comforters. Old/unwanted dog crates, travel crates (larger sizes); cleaning supplies; doggie treats & toys. A new shelter (money to finish our sanctuary facility. >

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