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Who We Are

Founded in June, 2009, Peace for Pits Rescue is a small but committed group rescuing Pit Bulls and Pit mixes from high kill shelters in the Southern U.S. Their plight is dire. Pit Bulls are considered to be garbage and they are treated as such. Irresponsible breeding is rampant. The shelters are deplorable. The animal care is all but non-existent. Animals are still being killed in gas chambers. If gassing is inhumane for murderers and child rapists, why is it acceptable to kill innocent beings by the thousands in this barbaric manner?

We will rescue and be a safe haven for as many dogs as possible. We will speak out for those who have perished by the hands of a society who is indifferent to their suffering. We will be the voice for those that languish in filthy cages, hungry, sick, lonely, scared, facing death for simply existing. We, as a society, can do better than this.

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Our adoption fee is $300. All dogs are fostered in Maine.

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Peace for Pits -- Pit Bull Rescue
38 Libby Street

Portland, ME 04103
Phone: 207 233-6540

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