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A kitten of almost any imaginable color... Delmarva's finest holds for many of us an almost irresistible appeal. It is an appeal that is difficult to define when we are first confronted with a newborn kitten -- blind, deaf and wriggling in a most ungainly fashion -- but one which is so intensified by the time the furry bundle takes its first unsteady steps into a strange and novel world that we are spellbound. So effective is the enchantment that we are prepared to forgive almost anything -- askew toilet paper, tiny tooth holes in houseplants, the batting of the laces as we try in vain to tie our shoes... even the occasional bad aim with regard to the litterbox. All truly insignificant whilst under the influence of a pair of sly, mischievious eyes peering from a crop of frequently quite disheveled fur.

So it is that otherwise sensible, rational human beings find themselves contorting into inhuman positions so as not to disturb the tiny lion who has claimed the spot in the middle of the bed... or provide front door service to the bathroom facilities when the little bundle seems ready to go.

This is the kind of charm which is not easily conveyed in words but becomes immediately apparent when you adopt one of our beautiful Delmarva kittens. This is then the point at which you can establish the rules with your kitten -- the rules being that he or she will do whatever he or she wants whenever he or she wants to do it. Your responsibilities include providing shelter, food, playthings and love... when he or she is in the mood. Let's face it -- dogs have owners; cats have staff!

Please visit us here in Salisbury (out by the airport) or online. We have your baby!

Spring & Summer Means...

A PROBLEM: Along with warmer weather, spring & summer also brings an increase of pet-related problems. The biggest one could arguably be the numerous litters of puppies and kittens that will be adding to the pet overpopulation problem. There will be literally hundreds of puppies and kittens that will be born this season and there are not nearly enough homes for them all. Besides this problem, there are also other issues that come from animals that are not spayed or neutered. Male animals roam and become aggressive and territorial over female animals in heat.

THE SOLUTION: These problems may be easily avoided with just having your pet spayed or neutered. With the operation of our spay/neuter clinic, we have been doing all we can to help ease the overwhelming pet overpopulation. PLEASE do your part in helping with the pet overpopulation problem...get your pet spayed or neutered and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Please fell free to contact the shelter for more information about our spay/neuter program. For more than 30 years, the Humane Society of Wicomico County has provided temporary shelter for the county's homeless and unwanted animals. Our services aren't just for dogs and cats... we've also helped horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, hamsters and guinea pigs. If you're thinking about adding a pet to your family, we'd be glad to help you choose the right animal. Please take a few minutes to visit and learn more about us.

Adopting a Friend

Are you considering adopting a pet? Have you thought of adopting from the Humane Society? If you do, you can be a real life saver! We have many animals available looking for new homes. Our animals come to stay with us for different reasons; given up by owners for various reasons, found as strays roaming the streets, or taken from situations of neglect and/or abuse. We have beautiful animals in need of homes/families to spend their lives with. The majority of our dogs are mixed breeds and our cats are mostly domestic short hair; but we also receive pure breeds of dogs and cats. Come and visit us, we may have just the new companion you are looking for. Your kindness will be repaid with years of companionship and unconditional love. Would one wish for more than a friend for life?

If you would like to share your home with a new pet, the Humane Society has many to choose from. The application process is quite simple:

Other Services

If you're thinking about adding a pet to your family, we'd be glad to help you choose the right animal. If we don't have the particular animal you're looking for, we'll be happy to add you to our waiting list until the right animal comes our way. In addition to our pet adoption services we provide:

Things You Should Know as a Pet Owner in Wicomico County

Please come visit our main site at for more information and to see a complete list of the animals in our shelter.

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