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About Us

Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving beagles and placing them in loving homes. Our beagles come in as strays, from shelters, and as owner surrenders. Some come into rescue needing only current vaccinations, regular meals, and love; others may need extensive vetting, nutritional support, or even lifesaving surgery before they are ready to be offered for adoption. We do all we can to help every beagle in need who crosses our path.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, current on required vaccinations, heartworm-negative (or successfully treated for pre-existing heartworm infection), and microchipped before they go to a permanent home.

BRSM is operated completely by volunteers, and all of our dogs are fostered by volunteers in private homes (we do not have a shelter or kennel). Many of our beagles had unhappy lives before they came to us, and their well-being and quality of life is important to us. Toward that end, we require prospective adopters to submit an Adopter Profile, and dogs are placed in permanent homes that meet our Standards for Adoption.

It is our goal to give our beagles the best opportunity to find loving forever families. We do our best to ensure that they are ready for their forever homes, and that those homes are well-prepared for their new family member.


No donation is too small! BRSM isn't financed by a larger group or philanthropic organization; even little contributions help our dogs. And they do help! Every cent donated pays for our beagles' vet bills, medications, and (as required) food.

To assist our beagles with a donation, click any of the PayPal "Make a Donation" buttons on our Website.

We're On The Web!

Official BRSM Website: beaglemaryland.org

BRSM on Facebook: Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, Inc.

Adoption Process

If you'd like to adopt one of our beagles:

* Go to our Website, beaglemaryland.org
* Review our Standards for Adoption
* Fill out an Adopter Profile and email it to us (or print it off, fill it in and send it via regular mail, if you prefer)
* A BRSM volunteer will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process!

Please Note: BRSM is an all-volunteer organization; we do not own a kennel or retain employees. Our volunteers work in the "real world" and care for our foster-beagles in their own homes. It may take a few days for us to respond to your adoption request. We understand how exciting the adoption process can be, and we appreciate your patience!

Come Visit Our Beagles!

BRSM holds regular Adoption Days at local pet stores in Maryland! For a list of our scheduled Adoption Days, see our Website or the Events section of our Facebook Page.

Open Your Heart to an Older Beagle

In loving memory of Winston, the canine founder of BRSM, we have established the Friends of Winston senior beagle foster program. Friends of Winston is a network of families willing to bring an older dog into their home and provide them with love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge in their own time. The BRSM Friends of Winston foster network is a special community; in supporting each other and the elder dogs, we form a unique sort of family.

Most of Winston's senior canine friends are unlikely to be adopted --- but we rescue and support them anyway. BRSM will provide them with veterinary care and find a permanent foster home to love them. The permanent foster takes care of their daily needs and routine vetting, but BRSM provides any extraordinary vetting that is required (although in this case, forever fosters must use a vet willing to discount their fees for BRSM).

Please consider opening your heart and home to one of Winston's elder beagle friends. They don't require the non-stop attention of puppies or younger dogs; they'd rather cuddle with you when movie time rolls around. And they're fine with spending their day home alone --- that means they can sleep undisturbed! It may be difficult to think that they will be gone sooner than a younger dog, but the rewards and peace of mind you bring to the elder beagle make it all worthwhile.

If you are interested in fostering a Friend of Winston, please contact us though our Website, or send us an email at profile@beaglemaryland.org. You can make a difference!

Please Note: Friends of Winston are always available for regular adoption! In the event that they do not find a forever home, though, we support them in living out their lives with a loving foster family.

Interested In Volunteering?

We always need volunteers to help our beagles! Nearly every day, we receive urgent pleas to help beagles who have been abused, abandoned, or discarded by their owners. Most of these dogs would otherwise never leave the shelters, and would eventually be euthanized to make room for more. If you've ever considered fostering, now is the time! As a foster, you provide the love, food and water, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention; BRSM covers the vetting expenses, paperwork, and adoption day scheduling. Fostering even one beagle can make a big difference!

Our foster and volunteer network extends throughout Maryland and into Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Along with fosters, we need transporters to bring beagles from outlying shelters to vets and foster homes, and from foster homes to Adoption Days and back again.

To volunteer, contact us at volunteer@beaglemaryland.org --- we'd love to hear from you!

Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland, Inc.
"Beagle Maryland"
P.O. Box 983
Waldorf, MD 20604

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