Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc. (MAGDRL) was organized in 1979 to serve the seven State Mid-Atlantic regions. We are a D.C. Corporation and have a charitable tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

MAGDRL is staffed completely by volunteers. Like all humane groups, MAGDRL is in the unique position of helping both humans and pets. In our case, the pets are Great Danes and mixed Dane dogs, and the people are all those who have or want the companionship of this breed or, often, just dogs in general.

MAGDRL helps Danes by providing for the rescue and care of those who have been abandoned, neglected and/or abused by their previous owners. We spay/neuter and provide medical treatment necessary to return the Dane to good health. We also provide training and socialization to ensure their adaptability to new homes. We work to place rescued Danes with people who will provide secure, loving and healthy homes. To do this, MAGDRL screens the applicant and the home, checks references, and enters into a legally binding agreement with the adopting family. We require that the rescued Dane be kept inside the house: a member of the family.

Our adoption donation is $350 for dogs under 1, $325 for dogs 1 to 6 and $200 for dogs over 6; fencing is preferred but there are two fencing exceptions (ask about about particulars). If you plan to adopt a dog under 2, you MUST have a fence. Sorry but stand alone electric/radio fences are not allowed. Interested parties must go through our adoption process before they can bring home their forever Dane: The process begins with a phone screen, which is followed by a written application. Upon receipt, we check references and set up a home check (the purpose is two-fold: to ensure your home is a safe place for a Dane, and for us to get the best feel for what "type" of Dane we can recommend to best suite your lifestyle). We want you to have a good experience adopting through Rescue, and we want our dogs to have a permanent home!

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