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At the Wilson Parrot Foundation, we focus on assessing each parrot's needs and rehabilitate them to become sociable human companions. Parrots are rehabilitated by watching other parrots interact with the public. Parrots learn to trust by meeting their physical, medical, social, and mental needs.

Many parrot rescues are needed nationwide. Please choose yours carefully! We parrot lovers want to make a difference and help our feathered friends, but not all rescues are legitimate or what they say they are. We strongly encourage you to find a parrot rescue in your community to help out. If you need the services of a rescue, we want you to research each facility and find which one is best for you or your parrot. Remember, it is love out of your heart when you look to find a more suitable place for your parrot if you are not able to live a lifestyle including your sociable feathered friend. A parrot does not belong in a cage all day, every day.

Our founder Brian shares his success in rehabilitating parrots by giving back to the community for donations: parrot parties, school presentations, nursing homes, using parrot tricks to talk about gun, fire, and seatbelt safety, and provides unique pictures for the public at permitted locations (Old Town Alexandria, Petco's, etc). Brian rehabilitates parrots before fostering or adopting out parrots; making the best decision for that parrot. Although some people think they want a parrot, they must meet volunteer criteria in order to understand the true commitment to a new feathered family member.

WPF is a proven non-profit rescue, which means 100% of your donations (money or material) are tax-deductible. WPF DOES NOT BREED or SELL PARROTS!!!

Some parrot rescues say they rescue parrots yet breed parrots to sell, which only adds to the over population problem. WPF feels a permit should be given to parrot breeders controlling the number of parrots they are allowed to produce upon results of the number of parrots which enter parrot rescues.

Adopting A Friend

We are looking for people who can demonstrate a consistent schedule to help at the foundation. This shows WPF that the individual can commit to time at home for their parrot. We also see that the prospective parrot adopter is knowledgeable in parrot care and maintenance. Sometimes an individual thinks they want an African Grey only to find out they prefer an Amazon or a Cockatoo. Volunteering is fun and you will learn a lot from your new friends at WPF.

How Does a Volunteer Adopt a Parrot?

  • Must volunteer for a total of 3 hours a week for six months or 6 hours a week for three months.
  • Must be at least 30 years of age. Home visit must be scheduled for WPF to see the environment you would provide.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

  • Replace water and food bowls before anything else, and then clean cages and floors.
    Cut fruits and veggies, clean kitchen (no teflon products allowed here) cookingware, etc.
  • File paperwork brought back by the accountant, enter data into computer system, send certificates, create new files on new parrots including their bloodwork.
  • Make handout copies, check e-mails, copy phone messages for Brian.
  • Attend parrot shows to help with pictures, setting up.

    This is only a sample of jobs that are needed to be done at the facility, not to mention grant writing.
    Students along with girl and boy scouts may volunteer to fulfill their community service hours for school or troop badges.

Who We Are

The Wilson Parrot Foundation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing neglected and abused Parrots. Our mission is to teach the public about having parrots as pets and how to provide for them with caring and compassion.

will continue traveling to shows and events all over the east coast to raise funds and educate people about care and commitment to tropical birds.

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501(C)(3) non-profit - EIN # 31-1636218

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