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Our featured pet this month will be Shadow. He gets very excited when you come home or pay him some attention. He is a great little guy who was rescued for being "put to sleep". Shadow has a lot of love to give.


The Pomeranian is a Nordic breed which takes its name from the province of Pomerania, now located in Germany. It was bred down to its current 3 to 7 pound toy size from larger ancestors which were used for herding and for pulling sleds. Their popularity was greatly enhanced by Queen Victoria of England, who owned the first Pomeranian to be shown. The Pomeranian comes in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. These spirited, loving and loyal dogs excel in the show ring, companion events and as therapy dogs in nursing homes and hospitals. Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. will no longer be accepting new animals. We are finished! People would rather support foolish laws to restrict the American citizens in their life styles. We will be making every effort to continue to care for the animals we currently have. A couple of these have gone blind. We have a reformed biter. Also a couple with hip issues. For them we will now assume the role of a sanctuary. They will be able to remain here until the end with out the fear of euthanasia. We wish to thank every one that has helped us help the animals this long. If you would like to donate Thundershirts to our rescue / sanctuary please use the following link. Donate a Thundershirt! If you would like to assist us in some way please contact us at welovepoms2@yahoo.com . If you still wish to help mail your kind donations to Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. 3877 Smithville Rd. Federalsburg, Md. 21632 OR Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital 102 Country Day Rd. Chester, Maryland. 21619 If sending donations to Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital please make donation to Tender Paws in care of Spencer Powers to insure it gets credited properly. Also please give us a heads up at Welovepoms2@yahoo.com. Thank you.! Please make checks payable to Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. Thank you. We wish to thank everyone who has helped us to rescue these kind little animals.

Who We Are

Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. is a not for profit rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of lost, forgotten, and abused animals. All monies raised go back into the care of the animals. We will put no animal down, but prefer to try and rehabilitate them. All of our dogs are members of the family. We attempt to give them a home like feeling. We don`t want them to feel the stress of a kennel situation. If we get a dog with issues that make them un-adoptable then they will remain in the care of Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc. for their remaining days.

Adopting a friend

We know everyone is feeling the pinch of this recession. Therefore we have lowered our adoption fee to $150.00. This fee is used to supply housing, food, and veterinary care for the animals. This is below what it costs us to have the necessary vet care to ready them for adoption. To adopt one of our friends you will need to fill our an adoption application. Please email us at Welovepoms2@yahoo.com for and application. We require your veterinarian information and some references. We will contact both of these. We also do a home inspection. Any recommendations made during the home inspection will need to be taken care of prior to the adoption. Upon passing the application procedure and the animal being completely vetted the adoption contract may be signed and completed. Thank you for considering Tender Paws in your adoption search. Good Luck.

For Winnie Pooh:

On September 8. 2010 our Winnie Pooh joined Winslow and Ginger at Rainbow Bridge. We did not notice that she had any issues until the holiday weekend. When we took her to the veterinarian it was found that she had diabetes. By this time it had devastated her internally. Therefore we would like to ask that while you are having you pet checked out have them test for diabetes when they do blood work. It could save you and your pet a lot of grief. We love you Winnie Pooh. You are my baby girl and we will miss you greatly. We will be together again one day. God bless these innocent animals. They are loved very much.

For Winslow:

Winslow went to Rainbow Bridge on August 1, 2008 at 2:45 am. He was with our rescue since July 10, 2007. In that short time he won our hearts. We were with him at the end. Winslow`s time here was peaceful. We are honored to have known him, and to have shared our home with him. We would like for all of you to say a prayer for Winslow and all rescue animals. These are great animals that for whatever reason end up in rescues. These animals in most cases are still very gentle loving souls. They ,in most cases. continue to love unconditionally. If you are looking for that special friend please look in a rescue. There are plenty out there. Who knows you may be surprised at the bond that will form between you and your rescue friend. May God bless you Winslow. Thank you for being our friend. You will live forever in our hearts and our thoughts. You ran and played like a puppy until the end. Now you can run and play without the old body to slow you down. We will miss you! We still love you! Your forever friends, Debra & Spencer

For Mignight:

Midnight crossed Rainbow Bridge on March 30, 2012. He had a good long life. He was about 15 years old. We had been treating him for a large self inflicted wound on his right front leg. He started trying to wound the left leg in the same manor. Our Vet said that this is sometimes done by an animal to help to speed up the end. The Vet also said that we were making no headway with the right leg. After resisting for months we had to make the tough decision to take the Vets advice and put him down. This was very hard as I had become attached to Midnight. He would get excited when I came into the yard from the garage and pouce around like Tigger barking. This was only done to ease his pain. Health reasons are the only time that Tender Paws Polmeraian Rescue, Inc. will ever put an animal down. God bless you Midnight. We miss you my friend!

For Buddy

Last night we lost our Little Buddy. We believe he was about nine years old. When we came to us three years ago the vet told us that he had a severe heart murmur. She said that on a scale of 1 to 6 (6 being the worse) his was a 5. He did not let this stop him though. He would chase the guys through the yard barking at them as they played. He would also bark at the Hawks, Eagles, and Vultures alerting us to them being over head. He was a great friend and is sorely missed. We love you, Buddy!

In memoriam:

Winnie Pooh





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Please help us

If everyone that reads this would send our dogs $1.00 those dollars would add up to allow us to care for these guys with Veterinary care. Vet care is very expensive. Now that I have had to go on disability I can no longer afford it on my own. We could use help with veterinary care. You may send donations to us personally or to Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital 108 Country Day Road Chester, Md. 410-643-3101. Please note that the donation is for Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue, Inc.c/o Spencer Powers on your correspondence with Chesapeake Veterinary so your donation is applied to the correct account. Thank you. We are not accepting new rescues at this time. We are not getting any outside support for Vet care. Therefore we can not rescue anymore dogs. We apologize , but this is how it must be, Society feels the need to cast off perfectly good electronic devices to keep up with the latest and greatest of today`s crap. No one cares for living breathing creatures any longer. It is a shame, but we just pray and trust in God to provide for these little ones that he has placed in our care to spare them from abuse or death. All funds raised go back into the rescue. We are a not for profit organization. A Pomeranian is a friend who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are.
Tender Paws Pomeranian Rescue Inc.
3877 Smithville Rd.
Federalsburg, MD 21632

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