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The past several years have been extremely challenging ones for us and for rescues in general. We continue to find the dogs that cross our threshold a new fur-ever home -- unfortunately people have many uncertanties which results in continuous relinquishment of pets. In some cases, owners give up and the pets are neglected and even abandoned. As you can imagine, this involves extreme emotions on the people who help these poor forgotten dogs. Because of the emotional stress that is involved with this type of work and due to the number of sanctuary dogs we currently have living with us, we have reached a point where we strongly feel it is time for a break from the rescue norm that we have performed over the past several years. These sanctuary dogs have not found homes and have been with us for years either due to their age, health, or behavior issues. We will ensure that they live full and fun lives with us.

Please continue to look in on our website and stay in touch with us because we get great dogs throughout the entire year, and we don’t want you to miss an opportunity. Also, please check with other rescue websites and shelters who also have wonderful dogs for adoption. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or issues you would like to discuss. We are always available to you through this site.

Who We Are

MUTTLEY CREW RESCUE, INC. (MCR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to taking in, “fixing up”, and finding forever homes for many unwanted dogs and dogs in danger of losing their lives. All of our dogs come from facilities or organizations that have extremely low adoption rates and have exhausted all other options. In special circumstances, we will take in owner give-up dogs. MCR is tailored to providing care and adopting small to mid-size dogs.

The temperament and health of each dog that comes to us is personally evaluated and is placed into foster care. While in foster care with MCR, the dogs receive veterinary care and grooming and live in a loving family environment with experienced people and other dogs and pets. They socialize and learn good-dog manners/behaviors in preparation for a new forever home.

MCR’s adoption fee for dogs is $250 and for puppies is $300. This includes an initial vet check up; rabies vaccination; DA2PPvL & Cv and Bordetella; spay or neuter prior to adoption; microchip; flea, tick, and earmite treatment; heartworm testing and maintenance; dentals when needed; and any other necessary medical treatment.

Please consider giving “a rescue dog a new leash on life!” These are animals in need of another chance to be part of a family. If you are interested in one of our dogs, please contact us.

Adoption Process

Step 1: If an inquiry is received on a dog via Petfinder or email, the potential adopter will be sent an Adoption Application (Word Document Format) to complete and to send back to us. A completed and submitted application does not commit you to the dog nor does it guarantee an adoption. It is a tool used for us to learn about each other and to assess if the potential adopter will be a good match for the dog.

Step 2: After receiving and reviewing the application, we notify the potential adopter.

Step 3: We schedule a “meet and greet” session by appointment for the family and for any existing companion dog(s) or other pet(s) to meet the dog of interest. For the Meet-and-Greet session, it is up to the potential adopter to travel the distance to meet the dog of interest. We will drive the distance for the home visit once the potential adopter meets the dog and is interested in him/her and we see if it is a good match.

Step 4: If the potential adopter is interested in the dog and in pursuing the adoption, a home visit may be scheduled.

Step 5: Upon approval, documents will be finalized and signed, including a contract. All medical records are given to the adopter. MCR registers the microchip. Each dog goes home with a leash and collar, temporary ID tag, food for transition, and a toy.

Step 6: In approximately 2 -4 weeks after adoption, we perform a follow-up check via phone or email on the progress of the dog.

MCR will respond to emails within 48 hours.


Q: I submitted an application for a particular dog. Why have I not heard from MCR?

A: Many of our dogs receive multiple applications. We make every effort to contact all applicants. In few instances and due to uncertain time constraints, we unfortunately may not always follow up with every application received. Please keep in mind that some of the foster dogs come to us who are ill and require extra medical attention, some need extra attention with housebreaking issues and with learning good-doggy manners, and all who need extra love and reassurance. We do this work because it is our passion, and we fit it into our already busy lives.

Q: I applied for a dog and was not approved. What do I do now?

A: Many of our successful adopters resubmit an application for a different dog that may be of interest. If at first you do not succeed, try again! We make every effort to match the right dog to the right family. Again, keep in mind, this takes time for us to conduct each step of the adoption process which is explained above in detail. We suggest that if you do not see a dog of interest now, keep checking back with us. We receive dogs who need a new forever home throughout the year.

Q: How will MCR contact me with a response to my inquiry?

A: Our business practice is to respond to inquiries via email. In some circumstances, we may respond by telephone.

Q: Can I adopt a dog from MCR if I do not live in the immediate area or in Maryland?

A: If you are within a 50 mile radius, we will consider you as a potential adopter for our dogs. If you are outside of our location/area criteria, we would consider you on a case-by-case situation. For the Meet-and-Greet session, it is up to the potential adopter to travel the distance to meet the dog of interest. We will drive the distance for the home visit once the potential adopter meets the dog and is interested in him/her and we see if it is a good match.

How You Can Help

Muttley Crew Rescue relies solely on the support of generous people. All donations of money and goods go directly to the care of the dogs. We receive no county, state, or Federal funding. We have no paid staff. Vehicles and administrative expenses such as phones and vehicular insurance are paid for personally by the officers of MCR. Your monetary contributions go towards vet bills, medications, and food.

All charitable donations literally “go to the dogs”.

If you would like to help us with a cash donation or donate time as a foster care provider, please contact us. We are a 501(c)3, Non-Profit Organization, and your contribution is tax deductible.

Muttley Crew Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 682
Middletown, MD 21769
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