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Please visit us online at www.lizzyslodgerescue.org

Adopting A Friend

What is the adoption process at Lizzy’s Lodge Rescue?

1. Email us to express interest in a dog (lizzyslodgerescue@gmail.com). We will get back to you within 1-2 days to schedule a time to talk on the phone. After a brief conversation, we will schedule a time for you to meet the dog.

2. Meet the dog. You can meet the dog at his/her foster home, a rescue event, or another agreed upon location.

3. Submit an adoption application. If you like the dog, we can give you an application or email you a link to our online application form.

4. Home check and dog drop off. If you and the adoptable pooch seem like a good match, we will schedule a time to bring the dog to you and do a home check.  The home check is an opportunity to briefly check the safety of your home and to discuss the routines of your family life, with respect to this particular dog.  This also provides an opportunity to do a final evaluation of how the addition of our dog might work in your family and what to expect while the dog is going through this transition.  If all of us — your family members, our representative, your animals and our dog — feel we’ve found a good match, we finalize the adoption with a contract and payment of the adoption fee ($350).  Lizzy’s Lodge adoption fee covers the spay or neuter, necessary vaccines, microchipping and supplies/boarding prior to adoption.  At this time, new families receive all previous medical records and any additional information about the dog’s history that we possess.

5. The adjustment phase. During your first two weeks with your dog, we suggest that you provide your dog with a structured routine and lots of good boundaries. By learning what is appropriate and what to expect every day, your dog will begin to relax in your home as he/she transitions to being a member of your family.

6. Follow-up. A volunteer will email or call you to ask how everything is going and suggest resources for any challenges you have encountered. We will also ask you to email us photos of your dog so that we can share his/her success story with the rescue community.

Who We Are

About us. We are a small 501c3 nonprofit foster-based dog rescue located just north of Washington DC. We have placed over six hundred rescue dogs in the past ten years. Unlike some of the large DC-based rescues, we don’t discriminate against dogs because of their breed or what they look like, and we focus on rescuing local dogs from our local shelters that would otherwise be euthanized.

All of our rescue dogs are either in foster care in Maryland within 30 minutes of Washington DC, or in boarding in a facility about one hour north of DC.

Our mission. Our mission is to rescue as many friendly local dogs as possible and place them in loving forever homes.

Our story. Over ten years ago, our rescue’s founder, decided to start rescuing dogs when her beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Lizzy, passed away. After briefly volunteering with a rescue that only accepted purebred Jack Russells and having to turn away wonderful dogs of other breeds, she decided to start a rescue that accepted ALL breeds of dogs who needed a loving home.

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