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Adopting A Friend

Our adoption process includes a visit with the potential adopter, the cat or dog, and its foster parent; completion of an adoption application; an adoption interview; completion of an adoption contract; and, payment of the adoption fee. For dog adoptions, we also require a home visit.  Because our foster parents invest a lot of time, energy, personal funds, and love in preparing an animal for adoption, we rely on the foster parent to advise potential adopters about the cat’s temperament, eating/sleeping/play habits, and likes/dislikes. Accordingly, the final decision regarding the adoption rests with the foster parent. 

Cat adoptions are $125 for one cat or $200 for two cats and include spay or neuter, 2 distemper combo vaccines, 1 rabies vaccine, deworming, and micro-chipping.

Dog adoptions are $250 for one dog or $400 for two dogs and include

  • Preliminary physical exam checking coat and skin, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and gums, heart, abdomen, lungs, legs and paws.
  • Neuter or spay and take-home medications like antibiotics or pain medications
  • Vaccinations including rabies, distemper, and parvo
  • Heartworm test
  • Lyme Disease test
  • Fecal exam and worming medication as needed
  • Dental scaling and polishing if vet so recommends

For more information about adopting from AWLFC, please visit our web site at www.awlfc.org.

Who We Are

The AWLFC was established in 2001 as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.  In the past 10 years, it has grown from 12 founding members to over 100 members, approximately 25% of whom are active volunteers.

What began as a grassroots group of concerned animal lovers has grown into the county’s largest all-volunteer, no-kill animal rescue and welfare organization. In October 2009, the AWLFC opened its first adoption center and office at 1202 East Patrick Street, Suite 13A, in Frederick, MD. This office serves as the headquarters for all AWLFC activities, including cat and dog adoptions, our monthly spay/neuter clinic, education and training sessions, and fund-raising events.

Founded on the philosophy that every animal deserves a loving home, and that euthanasia is neither an acceptable nor humane form of managing animal populations, the AWLFC has four core programs designed to reduce pet homelessness and euthanasia rates in the region.

 In collaboration with local shelters, other rescue organizations, and concerned citizens, the AWLFC provides foster care for cats and dogs and then places them in a permanent home via our adoption process.


  • Working with property owners and concerned citizens, the AWLFC coordinates the only formal Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) program in Frederick County, Fixing Frederick’s Felines (FFF). TNR involves the humane trapping of feral and free-roaming cats, sterilization, and vaccination, followed by release back to a committed care-giver who provides food, shelter, and necessary medical care.


  • Recognizing that sterilization is the ONLY way to stop the cycle of reproduction and homelessness in the feline population, the AWLFC offers a monthly spay/neuter clinic designed to help low-income families and individuals access affordable spay/neuter and vaccinations for their cats.


  • The Friends Helping Felines (FHF) Program was created to good Samaritans the means to spay and neuter homeless cats and kittens and place them in forever homes when AWLFC’s foster program is full. FHF participants have access to reduced rates for routine veterinary care, including spay/neuter and rabies vaccination, and access to adoption venues.


The AWLFC is an all-volunteer organization.  There are many ways you can help the Animal Welfare League in its mission of ending pet homelessness. We have something for everyone and will work with you to match our needs with your skills and experience.


Learn more at www.awlfc.org.

Come Visit Us

The Animal Welfare League's adoption center is open Saturdays from 12:00pm - 5:00pm and Sundays from 12;00pm - 4:00pm.  Evening and weekday visits can be arranged by appointment. Please call before stopping by.

1202 East Patrick St.

Suite 13A

Frederick, MD 21701


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