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Our Mission
It is NERSI's mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses in need, as well as to educate others about proper horse care and management. NERSI promotes the improvement of equine welfare, in order to reduce the neglect, abuse, and slaughter of horses. NERSI realizes these goals through equine rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, community education efforts, and the promotion of horse-human interaction in conjunction with equine assisted therapy programs. NERSI is dedicated to rehabilitating the bodies and minds of horses in need and to promoting the welfare and intrinsic value of the equine.

Our Vision
It is NERSIís vision to create a thriving horse industry and a better world for equines and equestrians alike. We visualize a world where equines are not, neglected, abused, or considered by-products of various industries; where equines are recognized for their intrinsic value as companions, athletes, and therapy aides; a world where equestrians seek out knowledge, and every equine has the right to humane euthanasia.

Who We Are
NERSI was founded in 2002 by a committed group of experienced horse women, and we gained nonprofit status in 2004. Originally our name was Royal Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc, but we recently changed it to NERSI as we felt it better suited our organization. We are still the same people doing the same work. We began and we continue because we could no longer sit by and watch horses be misused, abused, neglected, and thrown away. We do not get paid for this work, it is a labor of love. At times it saddens us that we do not have the resources to do more. However, we believe that every horse saved is a victory, and every sacrifice we make is worth it to help alleviate the suffering of these noble creatures.

Where Our Horses Come From
Over the years we have rescued and rehomed many types of horses, from orphaned nurse mare foals (NMF's are conceived for the sole purpose of bringing their dam into milk. As soon as the NMF is born they are removed from their mother (often killed or left to die) and a more "valuable," foal is given to the nurse mare) , PMU's (which are byproducts of the drug Premarin), horses at risk from low end auctions, and even the track thoroughbreds. No matter what type of horses we are saving, our goals remain the same: to give that animal the quality of life they deserve while educating others about their plight.

Changing Times
Dear Friends and Supporters, It is with great regret that I write this letter. With your assistance, over the years we have saved nearly 100 equines in need, and helped network to find homes for many more. We have learned so much from our horses, as well as our volunteers, and supporters. Unfortunately due to the the current economy, coupled with dried up donations and personal changing life circumstances, we are unable to continue running Noble Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. It is a decision we have been wrestling with for some time. However, I feel as though with my current schedule and obligations, I am unable to give the rescue the time and attention it deserves. I am a full time Social Worker now, and work six days a week. While I love my job, it is very time consuming and is not making me rich by any means. Supporting multiple rescues on this salary cannot go on forever; it is thanks to the Snyder Foundation for Animals, and our dedicated Board of Directors who are willing to dig deep, that we have made it this far. While we do have some wonderful volunteers, they all have full time obligations as well, so the majority of the horses care falls on me personally. I will not compromise the care of our animals, or the quality of our services. So with a heavy heart, we have decided to close our doors in 2012. We are currently trying to place all of our adoptable horses. The retiree's and those remaining, will stay here in our care. We will remain available to help network for, and support our previously adopted horses when necessary, indefinitely. Once our herd numbers dwindle down, I plan to continue doing private rescue one horse at a time, as life allows. We feel blessed to have been able to do this work for so many years. While we are pensive to see this chapter in our lives come to a close, we are grateful for all the lives we have been able to impact, which have likewise impacted us. Thank you for all that YOU do for the animals, and thank you for letting us be a tiny part of it. Sincerely, Alyssa C. Taylor Noble Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. Founder & President .

Adoption Process
An adoption application and references are required for each potential adoption. Please download an Application and send back to us via e-mail: After a few days, call (443) 417-0069 to verify receipt of application and arrange an appointment to meet your potential new equine!

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If all goes well adopters must agree to and sign our adoption contract. If for any reason an adopter can no longer keep a rescued horse, we will always welcome the equine back into rescue. If the adopter has found another loving home for our rescued horse, we simply ask that we approve them home first and have the new home sign our contract as well so that we may best keep track of our horses well being.
We generally do not adopt outside of the MD, DC, VA, DE, PA areas.

Email us for more information, or to set up an appointment to meet our horses.

Special Thanks!

*To our wonderful veterinarian Russ Jacobson, our awesome farrier Todd Baldwin, our always helpful equine dentist Lars Curly, Fallston Animal Rescue Movement and Feed Plus, all of our Board members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors, The Snyder Foundation for the Animals, as well as the ASPCA for their grants and assistance, and Leg-Up Counseling

Noble Equine Rescue Sanctuary Inc.
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Phone: 443.417.0069
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