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URGENT: FOSTER HOMES NEEDED! If you live in the Washington DC area, have extra love in your heart, extra room in your home, and want to help save a life - please contact us for an application. The kitties appreciate it more than you know, and so will you!

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NOTE: Most kittens under 6 mos of age do better in homes either w a sibling (littermate) or another young cat for play.. Since they are working on their hunting skills, they have someone to pounce on, wrestle with, and ambush! as well as to cuddle, sleep next to, lick + groom. Some cats, usually adults, do prefer to be only cats. Please ask us which cat or kitten we recommend as a companion for another cat or which would be fine as a singleton cat in Your home.

WHO WE ARE: We are a small group of individuals dedicated to rehoming abandoned and stray shelter cats into loving homes. If you are looking for a feline friend, please consider one of our wonderful rescued animals. Most of our animals come from high-kill shelters where space is always needed to make room for others. We are not a shelter; rather our cats are kept in foster homes where they can be evaluated for health and temperament. Thus we are able to determine which cats would do best in Your home, through having personally observed and intereracted with them. Because we are categorically not a 501c3 charity group, we must rely on your kindness and donations to help cover expenses for cat care and adoptions.

All cats are felv/fiv neg, current on vaccines, healthy and spayed or neutered, unless otherwise noted. In addition, we maintain our animals on quality food from the Organic Market. Believing that good nutrition, a toxin-free environment, and a happy emotional state are all essential elements in preserving an animal's health and well-being, we look for homes who agree with our philosophy...

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take in your give-up family pet, but recommend you go to the following website for guidance on rehoming your animal if you can no longer keep him/her:

>^ .. ^< ADOPTING ONE OF OUR ANIMALS: Process involves a visit, application, interview, home visit, contract, and donation.

SHINGILANA RESCUED FELINES requests that any person or family interested in one of our cats 1-meet the animal before deciding if this is the right cat for them. Next, we request 2-an application or questionnaire, so appreciate about 30-45 minutes of your time during this process, if done in person. In some cases we request an approved application before setting up a meeting. so we may email you an application to complete first. We hope you understand if some of our questions seem intrusive, as our intent is simply to match up the right cat w/the right home. [Generally, it takes us between 24-72 hours to process your application. We do not rush the application process, so are grateful for your patience and working with us to make sure that the cat you are interested in would be a good match for your family. In the case of multiple applications, we choose the best home for the cat. We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason.]

Our process may also include 3-an interview and 4-home visit. The final step in adoptions involves 5-the contract and 6-adoption donation. Most of our cats have been spayed/neutered unless too small; we request a deposit to cover surgeries of unspayed animals at time of adoption. All donations apply to helping the cats, whether directly to vet care or simply to routine maintenance. 7-Our cats go home w a complementary "Adoption Packet," which includes some of the food they have been eating.

If you see a cat here you would like to meet, please email or call the number listed. We are happy to provide you w more information about the cat than may be noted here. Generally it helps both parties to have a prescreening phone interview; through this method, we can both determine how a prospective cat would fit into his or her potential home. Directions and appointments are made by telephone only, where we also answer questions about our adoption process {including fees/donations etc}. Please note that we do NOT ship cats; so if driving to meet is not possible, we hope you find the cat you are seeking closer to your home! Thanks.... from the kitties who look forward to meeting you soon...and hope you can help make their dream of a Forever Home come true! SHINGILANA RESCUED FELINES -- Little Lions

NOTE: Preference and discounted adoption donation rates apply to return adopters.

NEWS: LEOPOLD & KISMET found their forever homes!!.

PETSITTING: Please call us for referrals in your area.

If you would like to contribute toward the care of a rescued animal, donations can be made directly into our vet account. Please contact us for more details. Thank you.

FERAL CATS: Feral cats can live out their lives in the wild in the most healthy way if they are trapped, spayed +/or neutered, vaccinated, returned to their colonies, provided with shelter, and fed on a regular basis. This procedure is known as "TNR" and is a critical part of the solution to the "problem of pet overpopulation." If you are feeding a colony of 'wild' {untamed} cats, please contact us for information about and directions to the nearest lowcost Spay + Neuter Clinic. When you become a part of the solution; the animals will be grateful for your help.

OUR WISH LIST: Foster Homes! All that is required to be a foster home is some extra space in your home, extra time to help the cat, extra love in your heart, and willingness to commit to several months til a permanent home is found. A foster home can be the crucial element that helps save a life - functioning as a kind of 'halfway house' between the shelter and an adoptive home. The more foster homes who want to participate - the more lives that can be saved. Please contact us for an application! Thanks -- from the cats who need your help.....and hope to hear from you soon!

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