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Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is growing! We have an informational webpage at www.mabcr.org You can find an application for adoption there, as well as information regarding border collies and you! We have a few more foster homes as our volunteer base is growing, without them we could not do what we do! We now have 50+ volunteers, although we are in search of more foster homes. Our home website has grown also, please take a look (www.mabcr.org) and tell us what you think! For additional photos of any of the dogs you see here, please visit our faceboo page at https://www.facebook.com/mabcr.org

Who We Are

Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is a recognized non-profit group comprised of volunteers who give of their time, ability and their homes to help place Border Collies where they will be well cared for and loved. Our primary goals are to protect the Border Collies already here, strive to prevent the over-breeding of Border Collies or the breeding of poor quality individuals, and owner education of any Border Collie owner who requests help.

Fundamentally, Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue is a response to Border Collies that are abandoned, lost, or mistreated and need a caring home. We also help, in extreme emergencies, those who have to give up their dogs. We feel that the responsibility for caring for lost, neglected and abused Border Collies must rest with those who know and love the breed. The individuals who comprise Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue are current or former breeders, exhibitors or aficionados who have many years of experience with the breed and understand the needs of the dogs. What better reward could there be than knowing that dozens of Border Collies which otherwise might have been put to sleep, left out to starve or to run loose in the streets to be crippled or killed in traffic, are instead in loving and caring homes.


1. FEES: The only fee involved is to cover our expenses. A minimum of $300.00 is required when you adopt a Border Collie. Some of these dogs require extra medical care of special rehabilitation, which will entail much greater expense; we do not require, but would appreciate an extra donation to help cover these extra expenses.

2. SPAYING/NEUTERING: Any dog adopted from Kent County Border Collie Rescue will have been spayed or neutered. Rescued Border Collies are generally not suitable for breeding. Rescued Border Collies make marvelous friends, and placing them in a devoted supportive environment is the only goal we will pursue. If you would like to acquire a Border Collie with the idea of producing puppies, we would be happy to refer you to one of our list of breeders who conducts genetic screening. Breeding Border Collies is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and one which should not be attempted without knowledge and understanding of this breed and of the many facets of breeding and nurturing puppies.

3. CONTRACTS: All adopters of rescued Border Collies will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement. This contract is legal and binding. Please read it carefully.

4. MISCELLANEOUS: We recommend you follow a regular inoculation program established by your veterinarian to guarantee your dogs stays healthy. You will receive a complete medical history on your Border Collie (as best as can be determined or documented). You must also have the dog licensed in accordance with the laws where you live. Since we do not know you personally, the information from the Adoption Request Questionnaire (which is requested of anyone seeking a rescue Border Collie) will help us to match the right kind of Border Collie for your circumstances. We place Border Collies only in good, loving homes, and we screen prospective adopters thoroughly.

Adopting a Canine Friend

MABCR's purpose is to match misplaced Border Collies with loving families. This match game is important because every BC has a unique temperament and level of ability. If one obtains a puppy, there are always questions about what traits this dog will have as it matures. Most dogs in rescue are adult dogs and there are many advantages to adopting an adult dog. It is already known if the dog likes children, has an instinct for herding, is a candidate for agility or obedience training and most importantly, what he is like to live with! Past experience has shown that rescued dogs bond very closely with their adoptive families. Many times adult dogs have an easier time adjusting than pups! These dogs seem to understand when they have been placed into a loving, permanent home. Their instincts lead them to have a desire to bond with their human family and to work for the new people in their lives.

All people desiring to adopt a dog from MABCR are asked to go through our adoption process. Some say that it is easier to adopt a human child! I beg to differ. The questions that we ask and the procedures that we go through are solely to place the dog into the best home possible, as well as to protect the dog.

Once an application has been completed and returned, home visits may be initiated or an interview may be done in person or via telephone. We do reserve the right to refuse an applicant for any reason. We do require that you show a good veterinary history and that you take good care of all of your current pets.

After approval, potential adopters will meet the dog(s) that have been chosen as suitable matches and can then proceed with choosing their new companion!

Once the 'right' dog is found, arrangements for placement in the new home will be made. Signing an adoption contract is required. We ask for an adoption donation of $250.00 and reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by the individual dog. Any expenses for transport of the dog will be billed to the adopter. Any special grooming or bathing or special medical procedures or tests requested by the adopter will also be billed to the adopter. We ask in our contract that basic health care will be given, special requirements for a particular dog may be asked for, and the dog must be returned to MABCR if the dog is given up for any reason.

MABCR has taken in dogs from as far away as Idaho, has placed dogs as far away a Canada, re-homed dogs as young as 2 months and as old as 9 years! And we have been very lucky, of all of the dogs that we have placed (even before we began keeping records) we have only had a single dog return to the fold and she has not left us again! I would say that is a fairly high success rate and we pride ourselves for this!

Please remember that our organization is solely comprised of volunteers and as such we have other jobs, families and commitments. Please excuse us if we are tired or irritable and if we do not return your calls or mail immediately. Forgive us if we are only human and not quite as superior as our dogs!

All in all we will strive to make the process as painless as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please ask and we will do our best to answer!

You may reach us at e-mail: slr@mabcr.org

Volunteering and Donations

Wish list for Border Collies in Rescue

Are you a closet rescuer who wishes to help but can not help directly with the dogs? Have you ever wondered what you can do to help? Well here is the answer to your question...........

Donations of all shapes and sizes are greatfully accepted at all rescues and animal shelters. Feel free to help us, or help someone in your nieghborhood! There are Border Collie Rescues all over the country and I encourage you to find your local rescue and see what they need!

~Wishes for Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue~

For the dogs..... collars (1" web 14-18"), leashes, stainless dog dishes to hold 2-3 cups, blankets, gently used towels, laundry detergent, bleach, dog shampoo, creme rinse, heavy duty crate mats, Toys and chewies, Frisbees and used or new tennis balls, MABCR has recieved a wonderful donation from a volunteer and her family and now has a medical fund. For more information on the Fearing-Lowder fund and how you can help please visit our webpage at www.mabcr.org. We have a great vet who is generous with his care, but it can be tough sometimes!!

For us to help the dogs.......

paper for printing and copies, postage, envelopes, video camera, digital camera, computer,

Hands on things that you can do..... hug your dog, spay or neuter your dog (and cat), rescue a dog (or cat), volunteer to man a booth at a trial or other event, help with home checks and adoptions, transport dogs, interview prospective adopters, volunteer 'hands on' time with the dogs here, foster, build agility equipment, assist with education, write educational materials, help with fundraising and donations, Have a talent that you think we can use?? Just ask us!


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