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Hello! Thank you for visiting us. We are very pleased to be part of the Petfinder family, and for you to meet our our wonderful cats and dogs in search of their forever homes. At the bottom is a link to our primary home page. Please check it for more about us and upcoming events, and for links to other rescuers and sympathetic resources.

CARA consists of a group of volunteers who foster homeless cats and dogs in their own homes while seeking their forever homes. Most CARA volunteers have at least 2 years of animal rescue experience, and many volunteer in other aspects of rescue also, e.g. fundraising, feral cat TNR, public awareness and education. We are always seeking folks of similar interests who would be interested in fostering and/or helping homeless animals in other ways. If this would interest you, please contact us using the email address below, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

CARA has 501c3 non-profit status, so we are a tax-exempt organization. This status applies to any donations you make to our organization.

Adopting a friend

CARA volunteers have been touched and enriched by the loving animals that we are honored to help. Probably the MOST satisfying experience is when we are able to help deserving adult animals find their forever homes:

"Second Hand Cat"

Give us a chance who are not brand new,
Who would love a home with someone like you.
We may have been around a bit,
Received many a blow and many a kick,
Starved and neglected most of our days,
Yet we are forgiving anyway.

But now's our chance to start anew,
A home with love that we never knew.
So, before a kitten you're tempted to pick,
Give us a look, but not too quick.
Look at the character in our face,
And our bodies, still full of grace.
Just think of us, day after day,
Watching people look and walk away.
But say the word 'yes' and we will know -
Our bags are packed and we're ready to go.

-- Anonymous

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Instead of a brick-and-mortar location, CARA volunteers foster rescued animals in their homes and are networked by email in ongoing contact. CARA has adoption shows at area pet supply stores.
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Companion Animal Rescue Alliance (CARA)
Laurel, MD

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