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Huskies To Love Siberian Rescue of Maryland Inc.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for LIST OF ADOPTABLE SIBERIANS AT HUSKIES TO LOVE,.....In addition please read the entire page to obtain information you will need to make the correct choice and obtain all the information that is needed to adopt and contact Huskies To Love Siberian Rescue of Maryland , Inc.

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Staley is in urgent need of a new forever home, or at the very lest a temporary foster home. The new wife has had a new baby and Staley must now GO! She is a beautiful Siberian and would be a wonderful addition to anyones home. You can view her photo on our adoptable pets page...Won't you PLEASE help Staley before she ends up in a horrible place?! We do ask that if you are not familiar with this breed, that you first read and research all that you can. Please, do this for yourself and for the Husky that you are wanting to adopt. Remember adoption is for life! Reading Materials: Siberian Huskies For Dummies (Hate the name, but...LOVE the BOOK) Is There A Siberian Husky in Your Future?

Who We Are

Huskies To Love is not just asking, we are BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP! If we do not have families willing to foster for us we can not help the Siberians of Maryland. These are dogs that are facing horrible deaths, by being neglected, abused, and those sitting in shelters wondering what happen to their families and why are they in a place that is extremely frighting to them...and if they are not adopted or rescued they will face a certain death, alone and with no one to comfort them. These dogs are beaten, starved, chained outdoors with no human contact, stolen and used for bait dogs in fighting rings, sold to research labs and the list goes on and on.....Your saying well what can I do just one person or one family? YOU can save one life, stop the pain of the beatings, ease the fear, give love where love has never been felt, give a gentle touch where only pain of a hard hand, a baseball bat, a chain, a rope,a hard kick form a cruel foot has been felt and much worse, YES, these poor animals have felt even worse, YOU can provide a loving pat on the head, whisper kind words into a ear that has only heard screaming and harsh words...PLEASE!!!!!!! Won't YOU help us help the Siberians of Maryland, without YOU, there is no Love or kindness for these poor dogs, only loneliness, pain and suffering....PLEASE, WE ARE AGAIN....BEGGING....HELP US SAVE A INNOCENT LIFE, HELP US STOP THE PAIN AND THE TORTURE THAT THESE WONDERFUL DOGS ARE ENDURING!!!! Every minute another Siberian is beaten, starved, hurting, crying and dieing! Please won't you help STOP the PAIN? Please call and talk to our President, 443-370-4609, or e-mail her at Belinda_at.SiberianRescue@Yahoo.Com she will answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have, at the very lest,...make that call or send that e-mail. Huskies To Love handles ALL of the financial needs of our rescues, all you have to do is provide a loving, caring, safe home until a forever home can be found. Five minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of love and happiness for an abused lonely hurting Siberian Husky...Another minutes has past...another Siberian has died! Huskies To Love is an all volunteer Maryland based rescue, we are not a shelter nor a pound....we are a group of volunteers that give our time, love and care to the animals in this rescue. Our fosters are in private homes with loving families. If you want to meet one of our Huskies please contact the rescue and request an application.......,The application does not obligate you to any adoptions, however; prior to setting aside the time for the meeting we need to know that you will qualify for adoption or a fostering position. If that Siberian is not right for you we will then be able to work with you until the right Siberian is found. . To qualify for adoption with Huskies To Love you must first be a resident of Maryland. We do home visits prior to the finial adoption and without the home visit the application will not be approved. Huskies To Love is in dire need of volunteers for all aspects of rescue work. Fosters, Fund Raising, Home Visit, Transporting, Etc........and until those spaces are complete with volunteers we can only do so much. Until those spaces are filled many Sibes will continue to die and continue to be abused and neglected, PLEASE contact the rescue and find out how YOU can make a difference!!! If you are interested in adopting and or volunteering please contact the rescue at the e-mails below. IT IS A WONDERFUL FEELING TO SAVE A LIFE! Contact E-mails: Belinda_at.SiberianRescue@Yahoo.Com Thank you for visiting Huskies To Love's Petfinder Site, we hope to hear from you soon and that you will visit with us again...... Huskies To Love Siberian Rescue of Maryland, Inc. reserves the right to decline any application that we feel is not best suited for our dogs.
Huskies To Love Siberian Rescue of Maryland, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland 21237

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