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Who We Are

Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue is a divison of Paws for Life, Inc., a Federal 501(c)3, that buys slaughter bound ex-racehorses and adopts them into good homes where they can start a new life. For fifteen years we have been buying thoroughbreds at livestock auctions, evaluating them, and starting them in new careers. Ginny Suarez, Board President, and Beverly Strauss, Executive Director, are lifelong horsewomen. Graduate B and A Pony Clubbers, both have had extensive experience in eventing, dressage, showing, and foxhunting, and are licensed racehorse trainers. MidAtlantic Horse Rescue has several nice, sensible, sound thoroughbreds available for adoption at all times. Once a horse is "pulled from the pen" and enters our program, we quarantine the horse. During this time we assess their overall physical condition, and have the farrier and vet in. After two weeks, we start evaluating them under saddle and introduce them to cavaletti and ground rails. We will continue their schooling until they are adopted. Adoption fees vary, but average $1800- for horses with no restrictions on future use.

Adopting a friend

If you would like more information on adopting any of our horses, or would like to come see them, please call or email. If there is a specific horse you are interested in adopting, you must meet some pre-adoption requirements, such as vet references and a suitable facility with turn-out. You are welcome to have your trainer or vet look at any of our horses. Because safety and suitability are of the utmost importance in placing our horses, we reserve the right to refuse any application. Upon completion of the adoption process, the adoptor does assume ownership of the horse. We will call you for the first few months you have your new horse, to check that everything is going smoothly and answer any questions. Of course, you can always call us for help or advice! We understand that riders advance, or change their goals, or circumstances may change, necessitating the sale of the horse down the road. We request, though, that you notify MidAtlantic Horse Rescue in advance if you decide to sell one of our adoptees in the future. Questions? Just call or email, we'll be happy to answer them.

Come Visit Us!

Our horses are located in Chespeake City, MD, and can be seen by appointment only. Please call or email to set up an appointment.
MidAtlantic Horse Rescue
A division of Paws For LIfe Inc.
284 Great House Farm Lane
Chespeake City, MD 21915
Phone: 302-376-7297

Email: contact@midatlantichorserescue.org
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