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Since 1974 our 501(c)(3) non-profit has been devoted to making a difference for animals in our community and beyond. FMCA is funded solely by community donations and operated by dedicated volunteers.  Every donation counts and makes a difference for the animals FMCA helps. We invite you to browse the information provided on our web site where our shared vision puts the human in humane. The animals thank you for your much needed support!




Hosts Our Weekly Cat Adoptions Events

Every Saturday

2 to 5 PM

at the Luv-A-Pet Center

in the Germantown, MD Store

(Milestone Center, 20924 Frederick Road)


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Adopting A Friend

What is the process to adopt?

  • After you decide which animal you wish to make a member of your family, you will be required to complete an adoption application form, which will be reviewed by a volunteer who will interview you. If all is in order, you will sign an adoption contract where you promise to meet certain criteria for care of the animal. You will also receive a copy of the medical form which contains information such as tests, vaccines, etc. that have already been done for the cat.

How much does it cost to adopt a cat/kitten?

There is an $125.00 CASH donation required.

What does this fee cover?

The $125.00 adoption donation covers veterinary care that we have already done up to the date of adoption, including the spay or neuter of the animal. Every kitten, cat, puppy or dog will altered before the animal is adopted. The minimum veterinary care for the $125.00 fee is a feline leukemia/FIV test, 2 distemper vaccines, a rabies vaccine, 2 dewormings, and the spay/neuter. You may need to continue the vaccine process with your veterinarian.

I live outside of Montgomery County, MD; can I still adopt from your group?

YES, living outside the county doesn't prevent you from adopting from us. We do like to know if you move, because we now have cats living world-wide that have been adopted from us.

What happens if I adopt a cat or kitten and it just doesn't work out?

We require that the animals be returned to us. We will work with you to find one that is a better match, if you desire. Also, if you can no longer keep a cat after X number of years, please contact us. We will make every effort to bring the cat back into the FMCA adoption system and find it another home; however, this decision depends upon current health and/or behavioral issues the cat may have developed. It also depends on the availability of foster care.

Can my adopted cat be an indoor/outdoor cat?

  • No. Cats that are adopted from FMCA must live indoors. The exception to this is a cat that comes to the group as an indoor/outdoor cat, and we are sure it will not adapt to an indoors-only lifestyle. In that case, we try to place the cat in as safe a neighborhood as possible.

Can I de-claw my adopted cat?

  • NO! If you must have a declawed cat, we will be glad to show you what we have available that has already been declawed by a previous owner. FMCA is greatly opposed to declawing. We will show you how to trim nails and give you information on training the cat to scratch in appropriate places.

Visit the FMCA webpage to get more information, and to fill out an on-line application form:

  • http://www.fmca.org/FMCAApp20162pgv3.pdf


Who We Are

About Us - Our Present

A small group of very dedicated FMCA volunteers operate a feline and canine adoption and rescue service. Abandoned or given-up animals are given veterinary care with one of our supportive veterinarians and then are housed in foster homes before being placed into loving homes. Open houses for adoptions are held on most Saturdays at the PetSmart in Germantown, Maryland. FMCA places over 100 animals in new homes every year.

We continue to support many individual humane cases. Particular emphasis is placed on helping those on fixed-incomes, the elderly, and others with extraordinary veterinary and boarding expenses. This help often enables the person or family to keep a beloved pet.


About Us - Our Future

Our funding is generated primarily by membership dues, generous contributions, and two luncheon fundraisers: an annual Holiday Bazaar/Fashion Show Luncheon held in November and a Spring Luncheon/Annual Meeting held at a distinguished private home.

We need you to help continue the efforts of Friends. Providing financial assistance for veterinary emergencies, to resolve cruelty cases, and for humane education is our focus. Because we are an all-volunteer organization, our expenses are very low. Therefore, virtually every penny of every dollar you give goes to help the animals. We must continue our efforts for the animals. Humane groups with financial needs depend on us for support. Today we need your support to continue to help the animals. That is our bottom line!


About Us - Our Past

Friends of Montgomery County Animals, Inc. has a rich history of providing financial support to other humane organizations including thefollowing:

Montgomery County SPCA - spay program and emergency Veterinary Memorial Fund. The printing of "Born to be Killed," a Montgomery County SPCA pamphlet widely distributed in the community, especially in the Montgomery County Public School System - humane education.

Bowie SPCA - very serious cruelty case involving more than twenty-seven horses.

Animal Protection Association of America - veterinary expense and placement of cruelly treated roadside zoo animals

Sponsored Spay/Neuter Weeks in Montgomery County and in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Animals' Guardian Angels - Helga Schweikert - underwriting veterinary care for abused and given up dogs.

Afghan Rescue and Basset Rescue - veterinary assistance for cruelty cases.

Hearing Dogs - two of the first hearing dogs placed in the state of Maryland.

Second Chance Wildlife/Chris Montuori - to support her efforts to save and care for injured wildlife.PAW (Partnership for Animal Welfare) - to help dog adoption efforts.

Paws With a Cause and The Damascus Lions Club Fund for Service Dogs - to financially assist with the training costs of service dogs for two disabled Damascus boys.

"SPEAC" Society for the Protection of Every Animal and Child - adoption support.

Equine Rescue League, Leesburg, VA - to aid equine cruelty cases.

Alley Cat Allies - to provide veterinary support for feral cat spay/neuter release programs.

Days Inn Farm Horse Rescue, Maryland- to support the education program to teach Maryland AnimalControl Officers the criteria for equine cruelty cases.

Greyhound Pets of America - to assist chapters in San Diego, Florida and New York in placing retired racing greyhounds.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association - to advocate against drilling in Alaska's Tundra.

Montgomery County Humane Society - fund raising support.

C.A.T.S. (Citizens Advocating Trapping and Spaying) Hatteras Island, Outer Banks - to assist in spay/neuter release of feral cats.

Riverlands, LA S.P.C.A. - to help establish an emergency medical fund.

The Animal Lobby - to assist in closing down illegal puppy mills in the Mid-West and in rescuing and placing abused dogs.

SNAP (Spay and Neuter All Pets) - to help with low cost spay/neuters




Our Mission Statement

Friends of Montgomery County Animals, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt humane organization established in 1974. The main purpose of Friends is to provide financial support for humane animal protection projects, emergencies and organizations. Humane groups traditionally operate on a shoestring. Friends is unique because it fills a void in the humane movement by providing monetary help to humane groups and for humane emergency situations.

Over the years, Friends has provided natural disaster emergency relief for: Mt. St. Helen's Rescue effort to save animals caught in the volcanic eruption; The San Francisco SPCA to help earthquake relief efforts; Dade County Animal Relief and West Palm Beach Dog Fanciers to provide medical and placement service for animal victims of Hurricane Andrew; Jefferson County Animal shelter and St. Charles Humane Society (both in Missouri) to aid flood victims in the Mid-West; and annually to EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service, United Animals Nation) to help animals in natural or man-made disaster anywhere and at any time!

Friends does not operate a shelter or have an office. A small cadre of dedicated humane volunteers carries out the fundraising activities. No one is paid.

Friends of Montgomery County Animals, Inc. is interested in all facets of the animal humane movement. We are particularly concerned with the humane education, spaying and neutering to reduce animal over population, cruelty cases, adoption or given up pets, the care of injured wildlife, and human-animal relationship, e.g. The Hearing Dog Program. Our efforts have been concentrated in the Washington Metropolitan area, but we also have supported nationwide projects.

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Hosts Our Weekly Cat Adoptions Events

Every Saturday

2 to 5 PM

at the Luv-A-Pet Center

in the Germantown, MD Store

(Milestone Center, 20924 Frederick Road)


Visit our Facebook page



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