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"The Tri-County Animal Shelter is proud to serve Calvert, Charles and St. Marys Counties by providing our many services and programs" says Kim Stephens, Shelter Supervisor, "But we can't do it without the support of our community." SPREAD the word about the importance of responsible pet ownership. REPORT stray animals, animal cruelties, and neglect. In CALVERT call 410-535-2800, in CHARLES call 301-743-2222, and in ST. MARYS call 301-475-8018. TELL everyone who has lost a pet to call the Tri-County Animal Shelter as soon as possible. CHOOSE your next pet from among the many animals being cared for at the Tri-County Animal Shelter.

How can you help

There Are Many Ways: OFFER a donation of needed supplies such as towels, puppy & kitten food, milk bones, bleachable toys, newspapers, cat litter, or monetary contributions.


We also accept volunteers. You must be at least 14 years old. We are always looking for volunteers to clean kennels, wash bowls, do laundry, assist with petfinders, dog walkers, spend time with the cats and dogs.

Who We Are

The Tri-County Animal Shelter, through mutal agreement, provides animal sheltering services to Charles, St. Marys, and Calvert counties. Funding of the costs associated with operating the shelter is split between these counties. Primarily, the animal shelter is the facility that accepts stray, ill, injuried and unwanted domestic animals both from the general public and the animal contol agencies of the three counties it serves. These animals are provided with a safe, humane haven until they are reclaimed by their owners, adopted out to their new owners, rescued by a humane organization, or are euthanized. To combat the ever increasing number of animal coming in to the area shelters, the Tri-County Animal Shelter initiated an extremely aggressive Adoption program. This program has been recognized as "one of the best" in the nation. The program has received an award from the National Association of Counties and has been referred to as a model program by the Humane Society of the United States in it's national publication, Shelter Sense.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adding a new pet to your household please consider adopting one from the Tri-County Animal Shelter. It is a really easy process. You simply pick out an animal that you want, fill out an application, complete an adoption contract and pick out a veterinarian from the list of those participating in our adoption program. The animal shelter and it's staff take care of the rest. They make the surgery appointment for your new pet and take it to the veterinarian on the day of the appointment. While at the veterinarian your new pet is given a health examination, surgically sterilized and if it is old enough (4 months and older) it receives a rabies vaccination. You just pick up your new pet from the veterinarians' office when all of this is complete. The best news is, you get all this for a great price. Dog adoptions are $125 and Cats are only $85. Hurry on in to find your new best friend.

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Our Adoption Hours are as Follows: MONDAY thru FRIDAY 12pm to 5pm.., SATURDAY: 10am to 3pm.., SUNDAY: Closed.., Our lobby hours for Reclaims/Drop-Offs are as follows: MONDAY thru FRIDAY: 10am to 5:30pm.., SATURDAY: 8am to 3:30pm.., SUNDAYS: Closed..,
Tri-County Animal Shelter
6707 Animal Shelter Road
Hughesville, MD 20637

Phone: 301-932-1713/1-800-903-1992

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