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So you want to adopt a dog from LCAR?

LCAR isn't just kitties! We rescue and rehome dogs too. If you have fallen in love with one of our dogs on Petfinder, the first step to adopting is to submit an LCAR dog adoption request form. Click one of the links below to download the form, then follow the instructions on the form to either fax or email it back to us. We try to match our adoptable dogs to the "purrfect" family, so it may take a little while for us to respond to you. We interview prospective families for each dog then match them based on individual adoption criteria.

Download an LCAR dog adoption request form:

Download MS Word Version

Download Adobe PDF Version

If you have questions about an adoptable dog, you can always email us at .

What does LCAR do?

LCAR is a non-profit "no-kill" organization that rescues and cares for abandoned animals, primarily cats at this time, and then places them in good homes for the remainder of their lives. We operate mainly in the Central Maryland and Northern Virginia area partnering with 30 PetSmart and Petco retail stores through their Luv-A-Pet centers. If you would like to contact us please send an e-mail with your inquiry.

Volunteers Save Thousands of Feline Lives Every Year

You will find our volunteers in PetSmart adoption centers providing routine daily care to our feline friends, assisting potential adoption parents, and providing useful information to PetSmart customers. Our volunteers are dedicated and committed to ensuring the safety and general welfare of our cats, as well as working diligently to make the adoption process a positive experience for both the cats and the newly adoptive parents. It's through the generous hearts and hands of our volunteers that we can guarantee the animals who come into our care will never again be alone, hungry, sick, afraid, or in pain.

Would You Like to Help Make a Big Difference in the Lives of Our Kitties?

We are looking for volunteers to staff our PetSmart Charities “Luv-A-Pet Adoption Centers” in select PetSmart stores throughout Central Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Your donation of just a few hours a week can make a significant contribution to the lives of our rescued cats. When you volunteer to work with LCAR, you really do change lives and at the same time have lots of fun! If you have just a few hours each week to spare, please download an LCAR volunteer agreement:

Download MS Word Version

Download Adobe PDF Version

Please fax or email your completed agreement to us via the instructions on the form. You should also print a copy out and hand-carry it to the store where you want to volunteer, and give it to the manager-on-duty so they will know you are ready to get started. :)

Volunteers represent our most valuable asset, and we have a personable Volunteer Coordinator to organize dedicated compassionate volunteers into a powerhouse for the animals. Every week LCAR finds new homes for about 150 cats that were destined to become part of the dead pile at other facilities. We are the very "Last Chance" to save the lives of these unfortunate souls. Together we are making a real difference and you can become a major player in making that difference.

Please DO NOT call and leave a Voice Message--Unfortunately, we do not have anyone available to respond to voice messages.

So you want to adopt a cat? Come Visit Our Furry Feline Friends!

Our cats are available for viewing and adoption everyday at select PetSmart stores throughout Central Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Our Feline Adoption Process:
  1. Pick a furry friend from our current list on Petfinder.
  2. Question? Send an email to the address located to the right of the cat's info.
  3. Visit the PetSmart store location specified on the cat's info or send an email to request an appointment if the cat is being fostered.
Decided to Adopt a Companion:
  1. We will be happy to email our Adoption Request Form along with other useful documentation to expedite the adoption process.
  2. Because our cats move through our system quite rapidly, please email us to verify that the cat is still located at the designated PetSmart store
  3. If the cat is located at PetSmart, take the completed Adoption Request Form with you to the designated PetSmart.
  4. If the cat is currently in a foster home, email the completed Adoption Request Form to the address located to the right of our furry friend's info or fax to: 443-782-0399.
  5. If your cat visit and interview is positive, be prepared to take your furry friend home the same day. You will need an appropriate carrier.
Our Feline Adoption Fee is: $150.00 (Unless specified otherwise for special breeds). Our fee covers the kitty having been altered, vaccinated (age appropriate), tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids, and treated for worms, fleas, and mites, as well as the cost of boarding and transportation.

Our adoptive parents receive a free bag of Hill's cat food, a DVD about "Your Adopted Cat", a PetSmart Pet & Parent Guide, along with other documents and records, which includes a certificate good for $30 at Banfield, The Pet Hospital towards any Optimum Wellness Plan, office call or examination. Adopters may also take advantage of ShelterCare Intro [Pet Health Insurance], by contacting ShelterCare directly. It covers unlimited accidents and all illnesses for the first 30 days of adoption.

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