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Saving one dog may not change the world but the world has surely changed for that one dog - author unknown

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Jazzy - Shepherd Blend
Jazzy is a happy girl who is spirited, fun-loving and full of life! As her foster mom says "she loves everyone and everything!" Jazzy quite enjoys spending lots of time outdoors! She would be pleased as punch to hang out with her people outside all day long! Jazzy loves people and is quite a people-oriented dog. She tends to like to jump up to say hello to newcomers. While she means well but her bouncy greeting can be a bit much for very small children. Jazzy is quite content to lay near her people indoors. She doesn't need to be in your lap or on the furniture - she is happy to just chill out on the floor. Jazzy loves to walk and while she does pull a bit to start, she is great once she gets into her groove! Jazzy is good with other dogs, but generally ignores them. She ignored the cat she met at the vet cinic, but she has shown a lot of interest in chasing cats outside. We wouldn't recommend her for a home with cats. Jazzy isn't much of a performer - she knows how to sit and will come when she is called... While Jazzy can be a little stubborn at times, she is a fun, interactive dog. She is a great company, and quite a devoted companion. (Indoor Home Only!)

Jazzy is a typical case of "black dog syndrome" - she has been in rescue a long time, and is an absolutely wonderful dog who loves people and other dogs too. Even with professional pictures, this gorgeous girl keeps getting overlooked... If you are looking for a great companion dog, please take a minute to check her out!

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Please note: Our dogs are normally only fostered in Southwestern Manitoba, with a couple exceptions. We are always in desperate need of foster homes! If you are interested, please check out our website fostering page! Please ask if you have questions about his adoption! You can call the rescue at 204-573-8333 or email adoptions@fundsfurfriends.com.

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About Funds for Furry Friends

Funds for Furry Friends is a nationally registered charity located in Brandon Manitoba, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation. Since 2001 Funds for Furry Friends has rescued over 1300 dogs. Founded by Shahna Rice, Funds for Furry Friends operated without the assistance of the public funding until her diagnosis of cancer in early 2005. While Shahna remains actively involved in the rescue, she is unable to single-handedly fund and run the rescue. A team of volunteers has since stepped forward to keep the rescue in operation, and now relies on the public for funding to maintain operations. Shahna lost her batted with cancer in the summer of 2008, but her dream has continued to live on...

The organization operates without a shelter building, and does not have all the animals in one location. This does serve as a benefit in many ways - the biggest being the opportunity to rehabilitate and work with the dogs in rescue. Using a foster home network, animals are placed in a loving home environment where they can recieve one-on-one time and care. The dogs have the opportunity to work on housebreaking, training, and can be tested in different situations. The volunteer foster homes have different levels of experience which range from professional animal trainers to folks who have ownership experience. Foster homes are selected based on the animal's needs and the foster home's experience and preferences. This allows the organization to really learn about each individual animal and address any problems that might appear - whether they are behavioral issues or just simple training the dog needs. In some cases foster homes even attend obedience classes and other training sessions with the dogs they foster!

The majority of dogs come from Brandon and other Manitoba communities. Previously, Funds for Furry Friends was able to take in dogs from other provinces and states, but for the last five years, our local and area pounds have kept us extremely busy. We have had such high numbers from the Southwestern Manitoba region, we have not been able to take in dogs from out of the area for some time now. We hope to get the local numbers under control - and to have the opportunity to help dogs further away one day again.

Almost weekly, the directors of Funds for Furry Friends visit the Brandon City Pound, and area pound. We try our best to keep up and even board dogs when we have more dogs than available foster homes. Funds for Furry Friends pays boarding costs for cats and dogs at the local pound, at an average cost of $65/week to save lives until space becomes available in a foster home. This becomes costly over time and we do our very best to keep boarding time as low as possible. Our ultimate goal is for each of our dogs to have a warm home and a family to spend time with until their forever families come along! As we spend time with each and every one of the unwanted dogs and cats in our care, we really wonder how any of them ended up without a home to begin with...

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! We are big believers in spaying and neutering, and this is part of our adoption criteria. Funds for Furry Friends also offers a SNiP program, or Spay Neuter Incentive Program, which was designed specifically with the pound animals in mind. Funds for Furry Friends will assist with partial or full costs of spaying or neutering any animals adopted from the local city pound.

If you'd like to know more about our rescue, please visit our website at www.fundsfurfriends.com. (Our adoption process is also outlined on this webpage.)

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For more information on donating contact D'Arcy Barker at financial@fundsfurfriends.com
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Funds for Furry Friends, Suite 208 - 740 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 0K9

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Our official website contains up-to-date information on the available animals and our adoption process!



On Tuesday, July 1st 2008 we had to say goodbye to a good friend. Shahna Rice had a light that shone so brightly it touched almost everyone she encountered. I believe that there are many people in this world who shine, but none so strongly and so brightly as Shahna. She was able to make a mark on this world and she is someone who will truly never be forgotten. Shahna started Funds for Furry Friends in 2001 and has been involved in the rescue until her passing.

The rescue was Shahna’s legacy, and it is something that, born from her, will continue to live and grow because of her. Now and forever, each and every animal that finds a new life through this rescue will do so because of the dreams and determination of one person.

Funds for Furry Friends
Brandon, MB - Canada
Phone: 204-573-8333

Email: adoptions@fundsfurfriends.com

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