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At this time our Foster Care program is the backbone of our organization as we do not have a shelter as of yet. We provide our foster parents with the supplies necessary for pet care, as well as the support and encouragment necessary to ensure that our foster care program is sucessful. The term of foster care can average between 2-6 months and there is a possibility of renewing the term if the parent is willing. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or have questions please contact our office for an application form.

Who We Are

The Thompson Humane Society was started in the Summer of 2003 after our founding members were made aware of the need for such an organization. Currently, there is only one part time staff member so the majority of work is done by volunteers. Right now, the Humane Society is working towards purchasing a building by summer 2006 while continuing to offer educational programming and support services. We have begun to a small number of animals at this time. In the event that we are unable to take an animal we provide help to owners by networking with people who are looking for a new pet. We have had many successful matches by doing this. We currently do not have a public office but we encourage you to call on weekdays after 5pm and on weekends. Please call if you would like any information on our organization or any of our services.

Adopting a friend

If you're looking for a new friend please consider adopting from the Thompson Pound at 120 Seal Rd. They can be reached at 677-7970. Since the Humane Society has only begun intaking a few animals we have been working with the Pound to find their animals new permanent homes in the event we do not have a match for prosepective adopters. The Humane Society is also aware of several pets who are still with their owners but need new accomodations. Please call us 778-3513 to find out what's available in Thompson.

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Thompson Humane Society
PO Box 582
Thompson , MB R8N 1N4
Phone: 204-778-3513
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