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Feel the rewards of making a homeless animal feel loved & wanted. Call us today at 617-635-1800 or 617-635-1913 for more information. See volunteer FAQ below.

Need more information about a particular animal?

Please call the shelter for a quicker response.

(617) 635-1800 or (617) 635-1913

Who we are:

The City of Boston Animal Shelter is run by the City of Boston Animal Control Department. Most of our animals are found as stray animals and some are surrendered to us by their owners for various reasons.
We do the best we can to help our "unwanted" pets find new homes.

Do you perform temperament evaluations?

Yes. All stray dogs are held for the stray time of 7 days to give the owner time to claim their pets. If unclaimed, a behavioral evaluation is performed on friendly dogs. This also helps us determine if the animal should be placed in a home with children and other pets. We can by no means guarantee the behavior of an animal once he/she is in their new home. Once they pass the behavioral evaluation, they are spayed/neutered and given a medical examination before being placed for adoption.
If the animal is healthy and of adoptable temperament, we do our best to find a new home without deadlines, whether through our shelter, other humane organizations or rescue groups.

Do you adopt out of state?

Thanks to we are getting lots of responses from people out of state. It is important to call the shelter as soon as possible if you are planning to visit a particular dog. Directions can be found on our website.

What does the adoption process involve?

What does the adoption include?

I want to adopt a dog and currently own one. Do I have to bring my dog in?

Yes, it is necessary to introduce the dogs to make sure that they will get along.

Kennel Cough Alert! We often have kennel cough in the shelter so make sure that your dog is vaccinated. Kennel cough is a common upper respiratory viral infection. It is highly contagious to other dogs and is encountered wherever there are other dogs. If you have another dog at home they can contract kennel cough even if they have been vaccinated against it. Your dog may also contract it if he comes to the shelter. It is an airborne infection contagious to dogs and, in rare cases, to immunodeficient humans.

Adoption Fees:

These prices will go into effect on July 1, 2003

Shelter Location & Phone Number

26 Mahler Road
Roslindale, MA 02131
(617) 635-1800

Fax- (617)635-1915

Mahler Rd is right off of the 3900 block of Washington Street - half way between Forest Hills T Station and Roslindale Square.

Directions from all areas can be found on our website:

Adoption Hours:

Wednesday-Saturday, 10:30-3:30
Tuesday, 10:30-7:30

Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Volunteer FAQ

  • When will I be contacted after completing an application?

    Applicants are contacted shortly after submitting the application if we feel they may be a good volunteer candidate for our shelter.

  • What is the minimum age requirement?

    You must be at least 16 years of age. A youth release form must be signed by your parent/guardian if you are under the age of 18.

  • What do volunteers do?

    Socailize animals, walk dogs, adoption counseling, administrative assistance with projects, clean (when necessary), help feed and water animals when necessary, grooming, and attend pet events to help promote animal adoptions.

  • What is the next step?

    Completion of an application, interview and tour.

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