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Why we are here.......

Some dogs are bred on purpose, some are bred for profit and still more are accidental litters who are bred for no reason at all. Dogs from each of these groups end up in shelters where their time is short and their exposure to potential adopters is minimal. Did you know that when a dog is euthanized tears flow from their eyes?

Welcome Home is one of many organizations committed to bringing the plight of abandoned and homeless animals out of the dark silence of nameless shelters and into the public arena. People cannot help animals they do not know about.

We are inviting anyone who cares about the homeless animals to help rescue in this work. The more hands and hearts joining together to help the sooner the sad stories about dogs without homes who slip through the cracks will end. If one out of ten people who reads this petfinder site makes the decision to rescue one homeless animal, it will be a better world.

We look forward to meeting all of the people out there who are looking for a way to help.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a homeless dog can change your life.

Why I foster...

On a cold Saturday morning, I pulled myself together for the two hour drive to get you. You had been at animal control for 6 weeks and only had 4 days left. Picked up as a stray, your remaining time on this planet was to be spent in a 3 by 3 cage in a facility filled with throw away dogs just like you. I walked slowly past each cage, wondering how we could let this happen. The face of each dog was begging to be set free.....When I got to you I saw a good boy sitting, pleading to be welcomed back into a home. I was thankful that I found you in time.

When you first left the cage, you wouldn't let me touch you. Something in your past life, combined with shelter living had made you cautious. I have to tell you I was surprised by how wonderful you were when I brought you home. Rock firm house broken was pretty amazing for a 7 month old pup who'd been caged for so long but you also trained with eagerness and listened to any new 'house rule' that I tossed your way(there weren't many).

Tomorrow I will open up my hands and let you go. We have found your forever home. Everyone is so excited!

I'm still not sure how I do this 'rescue thing'. My gifts to you are food, shelter, training and love without limit. My respect for your journey from fear and starvation to trust and playfulness teach me many lessons about forgiveness and joy that deepen my appreciation for this life we all lead. As I watch you go off with your new 'people', I see one life saved and a family forever changed by your shining, eager presence. Thank God for all the happy moments. I wear them like a shield when I go back to animal control to rescue too few of your cousins. Long ago, we welcomed your ancestors into our homes and said, "come in, sit by the fire,we will take care of you." Yet somewhere that promise has gone horribly wrong. But You carry the words of our ancestors in your eyes and you are waiting for your friend to come get you. And we will keep trying to fulfill that long ago promise 'til you are all safe.

Welcome Home
25 Ridgeway Lane
Boston, MA 02114
Email: welcomehome1@hotmail.com
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