The Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility sincerely thank our financial and Wish List supporters and those who Liked and Shared our FaceBook page of Taunton Animal Shelter cats and dogs. With your support, Friends was able to fund medical procedures, diagnositc testing, medications and special food for numerous shelter animals. These animals received the gift of a caring, loving home because you gave them the opportunity to be adopted!

To all, we wish a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year of peace and kindness. With each of you by our side, we are able to continue our support of the Taunton Animal Shelter cats and dogs. Please consider a donation this Holiday Season to the Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility in support of our mission to assist the shelter animals in finding adoptive homes (click on the DONATE tab at the top of the page).

Thank you and the very best in 2017.


Taunton Animal Shelter consistently has an average of 20 or more dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and colors! If we do not currently have what you are looking for, please leave your name and number (and an application) for future reference. We may also know of a shelter who may have what you are looking for. The Adoption Fee covers the cost of the spay/neuter and required vaccinations.

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Go to to see Bella in her Red Sox gear!

Go to to see Gigi's Go Fund Me story!

Gigi in therapy


Dog of the Month

LACEY, The February Dog of The Month

LACEY is a female Am Staff mix, about 3 years old. Lacey has been waiting for over one year for that special person to walk into the shelter and fall in love with her! She is an energetic and beautiful girl who is looking for a home and family with someone who is familiar with the breed and has lots of love to give her. A fenced yard would be ideal - Lacey loves running and playing in the play yard at the shelter with the volunteers. She loves outdoor activities: running in the snow in the winter, playing in the leaves in the fall, jumping into the swimming pool in the summer... In fact, she absolutely loves the water and would spend all day in the pool, if she could! (...To see Lacey enjoying herself in the pool at the shelter, please click on her video under her individual Petfinder Write-up. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your day!...) Lacey loves squeakie toys and her favorite treat is anything with peanut butter! :) It is recommended that Lacey be the only pet in the home. Lacey needs some time to get to know new people and feel safe and secure. Once she feels safe and secure, she will snuggle, "kiss", and "wag" from head to toe. She gets nervous with quick and sudden movements and loud noises, and a quiet adult-only home would be preferred. Several visits prior to adoption is recommended and would make the transition from shelter to home smoother for all. She enjoys going for walks and walks well on the leash, with the use of a martingale collar and easy-walk harness. Our trainer has offered (1) FREE hr consult and (1) FREE 1 hr basic manners training session, with additional lessons to follow at a discounted rate. It is recommended that Lacey's adopters continue with her training. She is a smart girl, eager to learn, and wants to please. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from LACEY and all her friends at the Taunton Shelter!

"Until one has LOVED an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." (Anatole France)

Cat of the Month

JOEY is our New Year Cat for January!

My family moved and left me behind. I was hoping with all my might that they would be looking for me, but I am still waiting. The neighbor said that I was 10 years old. Homeless at this age is difficult. I pass the time by napping and playing with my toys, but that is not how I want to spend my days. Are you looking for a companion? I sure am! I am not that fond of being held, but I love being patted. I would love to be your buddy. I am spending time with the house cats and am doing fine with them all. I have a special adoption fee. Please come soon to meet me. UPDATE: I am now in foster care. My foster care family consists of cats and a senior dog. I am doing fine with everyone. Please email if you would like to know more about me.

***EVENTS!!! Come join us***

For more information including upcoming events, view our PetFinder Event Calendar.


    The Taunton Animal Shelter, in conjunction with the Taunton Animal Hospital, will be holding a RABIES CLINIC on SAT, APRIL 1 from 1:00 - 3:00 at the DPW Garage, 90 Ingell St. The cost will be $12.00 per vaccination (cash only). Cats must be in crates, and dogs must be on leashes. Dog Licenses will also be available on site


    The Taunton Animal Shelter will be holding their 8th ANNUAL HEARTS & PAWS from JAN 14 - FEB 14th ! ...Loving hearts and paws join together to make VALENTINE'S DAY a little happier for everyone... Share some LOVE with a pet currently awaiting a new home and family at the Taunton Animal Shelter. Make a donation in honor of a particular pet at the shelter and/or deliver/send a special toy/treat/gift for the pet of your choice. This can also be done as a special "gift" for someone for Valentine's Day and/or in memory of someone! Please note: if doing this as a gift, to allow us enough time to process your request and mail via US Mail. Forms will be available at the Taunton Shelter, Robin's Corner Flower Shop, Raynham Town Hall, Leahy's Liquors and/or via e-mail (please email Your name and the name of the pet of your choice will be noted on the Taunton Shelter website and also at the shelter itself. In addition, you will receive a special photo of the pet you have chosen to sponsor. Thank you, and Happy Valentine's Day!



    (In Memory of) LEE, (In Memory of) CLINT, (In Memory of) PRINCE, KING, LACEY & BELLA - (Nadine Killion)

    SNICKERS (In Honor of Faith & Brooke Main) - (Christine Onges)

    JOEY, BELLA & KING (In Memory of Rob Onges) - (Coastline Heavy Duty Truck Parts/M&M Bob Onges & Abby)

    JULIETTE - (Laurie Koss)

    KING - (Lisa Enos)

    KING (In Memory of Trixie) - (Kaia Marshall)

    BELLA - (Sue & Rocky Laverty)

    GIGI & TAZ - (Julie Bertram, Lisa Ritchie, Robin Sousa, Teri Newell, Linda Silvia, & Barbara Auger)

  • Our 1st Warm-A-Heart/Send-A-Rose Fundraiser has Ended

    The Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility held their 1st Warm-A-Heart/Send-A-Rose Fundraiser. Our supporters will be Warming Hearts this Valentine's Day by sending a rose from their pets to the residents of our local nursing homes. Their roses will be delivered by members of the Friends of the Taunton Animal Facility on Valentine's Day to residents at the Taunton Nursing Home, Longmeadow and Marian Manor. Roses are one of the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation so thank you for Warming-A-Heart and Sending-A-Rose!!

    Thank you to the following supporters for Warming-A-Heart and Sending-A-Rose!!!

  • 1 Dozen Roses donated by Janet Marra at Furry Friends Pet Sitting
  • 2 Roses donated by Lisa Wezowicz and Romeo
  • 2 Roses donated by Libby Wheeler In Memory of Misty
  • 6 Roses donated by Joel Sears and Iggy
  • 3 Roses donated by Margie Coole In Memory of Gidget, Scooby & Sandy
  • 6 Roses donated by Kristen Lippert and Siamie, Isis, Maya, Solstice, Moonshadow & Milkweed
  • 4 Roses donated by Kristen Lippert In Memory of my beloved friends: Marblecake, Desiderata, Dorian & Sabbath
  • 1 Dozen Roses donated Anonymously On behalf of all the kitties who have passed through the Taunton Shelter in honor of Diane Saunders
  • 2 Roses donated by Robert Danielczyk and In Memory of Crystal & Noel
  • 4 Roses donated by Erin Prewandowski and Pepe'
  • 2 Roses donated by Holly Labrode and Kabuki
  • 1 Dozen Roses donated by Adrienne Boutin and Toby
  • 4 Roses donated by Kristen Lippert and Moonlight & her 3 kittens: Puff, Jonathon Corduroy & Kingston
  • 3 Roses donated by Scott & Paula Cray and Rocky, Apollo & In Memory of Tiger
  • 2 Roses donated by Steven Cruz and Roxie & Teddy Bear
  • 4 Roses donated by Laurie Koss and Marmalade
  • 2 Roses donated by Paula Ward and Daisy, Chase, Luxee, Rainee & JoJo
  • 2 Roses donated by Dan St. Rock/DSR Truck & RV Repair and Bella & Lacy
  • 3 Roses donated by Lisa Faria and Pumba, Nim & Mew
  • 4 Roses donated by Carly Timmons and Brady & Gusto
  • 1 Rose donated by Kathy Romero and Brooke
  • 1 Rose donated by Kathy Walker and Cali
  • 2 Roses donated by Shelby Andrade and Milton
  • 1 Dozen Roses donated by Julie Lovely and Skittles (left) &-Razzle (right)
  • 6 Roses donated by Carol Mackay and Teddy Duke
  • 1 Rose donated by Kristen Lippert and Twilight (Mrs. Doubtfire)
  • 1 Rose donated by Jessica Poillucci and Pepper
  • 6 Roses donated by Kimberly Salamon and Dug & Hazel
  • 8 Roses donated by Catherine Despot and Whitely, Charlie, Lucy, Clarence, Gracie, Sutherland, Sage & Jared Despot
  • 2 Roses donated by Danielle Matthew and Bobo Wrinkles
  • 4 Roses donated by Cheri & Pat Huether and Rosie, the cat
  • 4 Roses donated by Christine Gonnella and Milo & Minky and In Memory of Nala & Simba


    Would you like to feel loved and appreciated? Are you unable to adopt a pet, but would like to spend time with them? Would you like to get some exercise in the great outdoors? Are you interested in the veterinarian/grooming/obedience training fields? Do you love animals? Please call the shelter/come on down and ask about volunteering! The minimum age requirement is 13 years old. Everything from laundry to yard work, to walking dogs, grooming, feeding, fostering, etc... Volunteer Forms are available at the shelter or you may also request one by emailing

    The rewards are endless! The love received is unconditional. The happiness you can bring to the animals that you will feel in your heart at the end of the day is immeasureable!


    The Shelter is currently in most need of Martingale Collars, Easy-Walk Harnesses, Purina Cat/Kitten food, Canned Dog/Cat Food (no Meow Mix), Kongs, Disinfectant Cleanser, and Monetary Donations. (We have plenty of blankets and towels at this time and are unable to take anymore until further notice). Thank you!


    If you are having trouble paying for veterinarian care or food for your pet, visit


    Please call the shelter for the most convenient directions. Alternatively, you may view the directions to Taunton Animal Shelter on the web.

    Taunton Animal Shelter
    821 W Water St
    Taunton MA 02780
    Phone: 508-822-1463
    Email: for DOG adoptions, questions and applications.
    Email: for CAT adoptions, questions and applications.

    Hours of Operation

    Sunday & Monday Closed

    Tuesday thru Thursday 12pm - 5pm

    Friday 12pm - 2pm

    Saturday 12pm - 4pm

    PLEASE NOTE: Since the shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday, phone calls received on those days will not be returned until Tuesday.

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