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Standish Humane Society

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Please visit our Facebook page for longer videos and up to date information about cat arrivals and adoptions, as well as interesting pet facts. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Standish-Humane-Society/123727516968



Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program

Standish has a reduced-cost spay/neuter program in which many veterinary hospitals participate. We offer reduced-cost sterilization to owners who cannot afford regular veterinary fees. We work with Animal Control Officers to identify residents who need help with sterilization of their pets, providing them with certificates for this service. Every cat adopted from our shelter is sterilized. We sterilize every animal we can!

In 2015, we assisted the community by spaying or neutering:

63 dogs
Total 570 animals

For MORE INFO about our reduced-cost spay/neuter program e-mail us standishhumane@comcast.net or call 781-834-4663 (and choose option 3).

Remember: The funding for our shelter and spay/neuter program comes mainly from private donations. 

Please call Standish for our Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic Schedule at 781-834-4663


Spay Your Female to:

 * Eliminate the heat cycle; yowling in cats, bloody discharge in dogs.
* Eliminate complications of pregnancy and delivery.
* Prevent unwanted litters, only one in 10 puppies and kittens finds a permanent home.
* Eliminate uterine diseases, ovarian cysts.
* Reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially if spayed before 2 years of age.

Neuter Your Male to:

* Reduce urine spraying and strong urine ordor in cats and reduce urine marking in dogs.
* Reduce urge to roam and risk of fights, injury, poisoning or death in traffic.
* Reduce mounting and aggression.
* Reduce risk of prostate cancer and infection and perianal hernias.
* Eliminate testicular tumors.

For Either Sex:

* Reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs.
* Stop mating drive.
* Reduce risk of injuries and abscesses from fights.
* Have a calmer, more content, family-oriented healthier pet.

Spaying or neutering will NOT make a pet fat or lazy. Can be done at any time, but ideal age is 6 to 8 months.

Population Overload

Our communities are facing an overload of pet animals. Too many dogs and cats are not wanted anywhere. They are treated like disposable items instead of living creatures. Pets are abandoned when owners tire of caring for them. Unwanted litters are left at doorsteps or along roadsides. Every year in the U.S., approximately 8.6 million cats and dogs are euthanized (killed) because lasting, loving homes cannot be found for them.

You can help end this tragedy by making sure your pet doesn’t contribute to the surplus of dogs and cats. Have your pet spayed or neutered by a veterinarian. If you let your pet breed, you may find homes for that litter, but what happens when each of those puppies or kittens has a litter, when each of those litters produces more litters?

Help reduce the pet populations so that each animal gets the care and respect it deserves.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMzW3LIkNLA WATCH THIS and ENJOY

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Massachusetts Animal Coalition

I am Animal Friendly Plates


Everyone in Massachusetts who loves animals can now help end overpopulation with one of these attractive plates. The animal friendly plates, which feature a silhouette of a dog and cat and the phrase I am animal friendly, are on sale at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

It is estimated that approximately 725,000 animals were homeless last year and six million dollars was spent to care for them. Funds raised from the license plates will drastically reduce the number of homeless pets, as well as the amount of taxpayer money needed to care for them.

The cost for the plate is $40, $28 of which will benefit local spay and neuter programs. The remaining $12 is a one-time only fee to cover the cost of manufacturing.* Upon renewal, the entire $40 will benefit spay and neuter programs.

The license plate program is run by the Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC), an organization comprised of animal welfare professionals and volunteers who work together to decrease the number of homeless, neglected, displaced and abused animals in Massachusetts. MAC members include shelter and humane society professionals, veterinarians, animal control officers, pet supply retailers, feline rescue representatives, canine breed rescue representatives and cruelty investigators. To order an animal friendly plate, visit your local full service branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles or visit them online at www.mass.gov/rmv. For more information, please visit MACs website at www.massanimalcoalition.org.

* There is also a $20 one-time plate swap fee charged by the Registry of Motor Vehicles



 Adopting a Friend

Standish has all types of cats up for adoption. You can visit our website for more information about our shelter at www.standishhumane.org

All of the cats at Standish Humane Society are:
* Tested for Feline Aids/Feline Leukemia and are negative.
* Spayed or neutered.
* Microchipped.
* Given Rabies, Distemper and Upper Respiratory Vaccines.
* Wormed.
* Receive a topical flea/tick treatment.

We also have kittens in foster homes. Remember....We adopt by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call Standish today at 781-834-4663 and ask to speak to an Adoption Counselor, who will explain the adoption process including relevant adoption fees. The application process will then proceed with a phone interview. Once your application is approved, a volunteer from the Adoption Team will contact you and work diligently to schedule a tour of our facility. Visit our website for more informatioan about Standish Humane Society and the great cats that are waiting for forever homes. www.standishhumane.org





We rely solely on donations to keep our shelter going, so please take a look at who we are and the good work we've been doing for over 40 years.

Visitors constantly comment on what a unique and wonderful experience it is to visit Standish Humane Society's shelter. Our cats are free to roam within their assigned rooms, are happy, well loved and cared for. Volunteers come to the shelter morning and evening to feed, scoop, and clean, as well as throughout the day to socialize the cats.

Standish is always in need of donations, contributions and volunteers to continue the exceptional work we do. For more information about Standish and other ways you can help, please visit our website at www.standishhumane.org You can help keep our worthy cause moving ahead, enriching the lives of animals and people, too.





Mission Statement:

Standish Humane Society (SHS) was founded in 1969 as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization of volunteers dedicated to the care and placement of stray and abandoned pets in southeastern Massachusetts. Through an active placement and reduced-cost spay/neuter program, Standish Humane Society works to reduce the critical pet overpopulation problem.

Standish Humane Society could not further its mission if it were not for the many loving volunteers who give their time and energy to keeping the shelter running. Many of our volunteers spend their time doing "daily shift" service in which they clean the shelter rooms, change litter and feed and socialize the cats. This shift work is very important, but Standish also has other opportunities for volunteers if you are interested and have a bit of timefor orientation to new tasks. Some available volunteer tasks can be handled right from your home and on a flexible schedule. If you are a current volunteer, taking on other volunteer tasks could be done as an addition to your current shift duties. If you are not currently volunteering at Standish and are considering it, but do not know how your skill set would benefit us, we would love to take advantage of your special interests and skills (accounting; carpentry; landscaping; veterinary; grant writing; creative writing, etc ) , so please let us know if there are activities that you would like to participate in to benefit Standish. We want to put your energy to work in the best possible way!

Below is an example of other fulfilling volunteer opportunities here at Standish Humane Society:

-assist with Sponsor Program
-update sponsors
-write thank you note & send photo to sponsors

-write thank you notes to donors

-assist with Spay/Neuter Program - some of which can be done from your home!

-make follow-up phone calls for forms & payment
-make phone calls confirming appointment

-participate in Walk Planning
-solicit Corporate Sponsors for the Walk
-coordinate inviting/planning for Rescue Groups attendance
-engage exhibitors/sponsors for the Walk

-run errands for the shelter

-pick up mail at Duxbury Post Office
-pick up food and litter at area stores
-pick up prescriptions at Animal Pharm
-transport cats to/from vets and groomers

-shelter maintenance
-organize closets/hall/garage
-stock rooms with food and litter
-keep cat photos & bios up to date in rooms
-assemble goodie bags to be used on adoption days

-grounds maintenance
-lawn mowing/pruning/weeding

-assist in office work
-track & organize supplies
-photocopying/maintenance of handouts and brochures
-assist with emails & phone calls

-assist in grant writing

-assist in writing articles for the Newsletter

-become a cat BUDDY at the shelter

-become a cat foster parent at home

-assist with keeping Petfinder/Craigslist/Facebook up to date
-assist with taking pictures of cats
-assist with taking videos of cats
-assist with writing bio/stories about cats

-videographer to help with special projects

-participate in public relations efforts

-participate in weekend activities (Petsmart Adoption Weekends or animal related events)

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities please e-mail us with the following information:



Current Volunteer Tasks:

New Volunteer Tasks of Interest to me:

Special Skills:

Time Availability:

Preference to Work in Shelter or at Home:






Please call for an appointment at (781) 834-4663 or e-mail us at standishhumane@comcast.net
or visit our website at www.standishhumane.org 


Standish Humane Society
P.O. BOX 634
Duxbury, MA
Email: standishhumane@comcast.net


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