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Adopting A Friend

All dogs adopted through Lakeville Animal Shelter are spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter with their new family. All dogs are checked for lime disease and heart worm. All dog receive a rabies, bordello, and distemper  vaccines. Adoption fee is $255.00  & and subject to change.

All cats adopted through Lakeville Animal Shelter will receive a rabies vaccine before they leave the shelter with their new family. Adoption fee is $45.

We do not allow any fostering of our animals, adoptions only.

Who We Are

The Lakeville animal shelter mainly deal with dogs. The shelter is run by animal control officer David Frates. The shelter boards seven towns including our own (Lakeville) for animal control. The shelter gets give up dogs and strays dogs weekly. The shelter is no longer accepting cats. our shelter has a town budget but we do accept donations to help care for the dogs. the donations pay for medical bills for the dogs and needed supplies. Donations recently helped us repaint the building fix broken window frames, fix the excercise yard and building a new excercise yard soon. Donations helps us feed and care for animals. Animals that are injured are able to seek vet attention thanks to donations. The shelter is able to be maintained as needed. Our goal is to give good animals great homes and keep the shelter in running order. Any and all donations welcomed (food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, and money). Thank you.

Lakeville Animal Shelter does take surrender dogs from various towns. Surrender fees do apply. Please contact you local animal control as we are not accepting surrender dogs from owners. You local animal control can contact Lakeville animal control to surrender dogs. fees may vary between towns.

Dogs and cats are held for MORE than 10 days. Dogs and cats are kept till adopted. Unless for any reason animals can't be kept any longer. No Animals will be fostered. Adoptions only.

Come Visit Us

Our adoption hours are 6:30pm-8pm Wednesdays and 1pm-3pm on Saturdays. All adoptions are done through the animal control officer, David Frates. If you see a dog or cat you would like to bring home to you or your family we can sit down and talk about the animal, spend time with the animal and the fill out the needed papers. Before the adoption is final we prefer the whole immediate family that will be with the animal everyday sees the animal to make sure the animal is a good fit for the family. Also if there is another dog in the house hold we recommend the dog come also to meet the new addition. You can visit us at 8 Montgomery street Lakeville Ma. If you can't make the adoption hours you can call and set up an appointment with David Frates 508-947-3891 or E-Mail Jennifer Nash at Nashwyatt.jn@gmail.com . Thank you.

We do not allow any fostering of our animals, adoptions only.

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