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What We Believe

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society provides shelter, education, advocacy, and assistance for animals and people in need. Dakin is a private, non-profit organization serving the communities of Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties. Many of our programs also serve animals and people in Worcester and Berkshire counties, as well as northern Connecticut. We do not receive any government funding nor are we funded or operated by any national humane organization. We rely solely on contributions from individuals who care about animals to bring our services to the community. We also depend on the dedication of more than 300 volunteers who work alongside our staff to help us care for animals, deliver our programs, and govern our organization. On August 1, 2009, Dakin opened its new Adoption & Education Center at 171 Union Street in Springfield, ushering in a new era for animals in the Pioneer Valley. Along with our Leverett Adoption Center, our Springfield center provides a safe haven and a second chance to more than 7,000 homeless cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and other small animals each year. It isnít just about sheltering. The philosophy of Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society is as much about preventing animal homelessness as it is about providing homes. We believe that providing safe haven, while an important piece of our mission, is but one part of it. Going to the source of animal homelessness is the cornerstone of Dakinís work in our community. In August 2009, we launched our Three Year Plan to Adoption Guarantee, promising that by August 2012, no homeless animal who is adoptableóor who could be rehabilitated and made adoptableówill die for lack of a home. Creating a community where no homeless animal dies for lack of a home isnít just the work of the Humane Society; itís the work of every animal lover. Together we can create a Pioneer Valley that holds every homeless animal safely in its arms, guaranteeing him a second chance. Please, join us. Visit our website www.dpvhs.org to learn more about us. They depend on us. We depend on you.

Adopting a friend

How does the adoption process work? Visit the Shelter and fall in love with all of the animals. Narrow down your list to just one or two animals ( hint: this is the hardest part!).
Fill out our Pets and People Profile to help us make a good match.
If you are thinking about adopting a new dog friend, we may ask that you bring in all members of your family (especially children and any other household dogs) to be sure everyone gets along.
For the safety of your furry new friend, we require that you bring a cat carrier if adopting a cat, or a collar and leash if adopting a dog. We have these available for sale if you don't have them with you at the time of adoption.
Sign a contract agreeing to take over responsibility for the animal's care.
How much does it cost to adopt an animal? Because we rely entirely on donations and adoption fees to run our shelter, your adoption fee enables us to help more animals. We accept cash, checks, debit cards, MasterCard and Visa.
Adoption fees for cats $95, and kittens $150 Adoption fees for dogs $375 and puppies $450. The law also requires that we charge a $30 deposit on top of the adoption fee if you adopt an unneutered animal (but your adoption fee covers the cost of the surgery and you get your 30 bucks back when you neuter the animal).
How long does the adoption process usually take? When visiting the shelter, please allow yourself plenty of time to meet the animals, complete the paperwork, and to ask questions. Once you chose an animal it generally takes 30 minutes to complete the necessary adoption paperwork. Mostóbut not allóanimals are available to go home on the same day.
If you are thinking about adopting a new dog friend, we may ask that you bring in all members of your family (especially children and any other household dogs) to be sure everyone gets along.
If I canít take the animal home right now, can Dakin hold him for me? It is imperative that our animals get adopted as quickly as possible for their own well-being. Prolonging their stay at the adoption center is something that we try very hard to avoid. For that reason, we will only hold animals for an approved adopter until the close of the following business day.
I live more than an hour away from the Shelter. Can I still adopt? If you live more than an hour away from our shelter, we welcome your visit! Any pet you adopt must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption, because veterinarians in your area will not accept our spay/neuter vouchers. You may want to call us to see if there is a spayed/neutered pet you are interested in before traveling to visit - or, search www.petfinder.com for a shelter closer to home.
We welcome your visit any time during our open hoursóno appointment necessary!

Come Visit Us!

Springfield Adoption & Education Center 171 Union St. Springfield, MA 01105 413-781-4000 springfield@dpvhs.org
Saturday and Sunday: noon to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: noon to 5:30 p.m. Thursdays: noon to 7:30 p.m. Closed Mondays
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