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Melrose Humane Society is going to feature some of the cats that currently live in our foster homes and will continue to live there because for one reason or another, they are special needs cats. As some of you already know, special needs cats are just like other cats....some are very friendly, playful and full of fun - in short, they can make wonderful companions. BUT, they do require special care in one form or another. For example, there are several cats that seem to have chronic nasal problems.....these are not able to be cleared up by medication, or by adding nutrients to their diets...Lord knows, we have tried all that. Just because they often have the sneezes and can make somewhat of a mess, they are no less lovable. We have some FIV + cats, they need to either be an only cat or live with another FIV + cat....they can live long healthy lives and do not require and will not benefit from any medicines or treatments. They are very sweet cats which is why we keep them in hopes of finding them the special 'forever' home. Then, there are the cats that are fearful of EVERYTHING. They often hide and refuse to let anyone hold them....they usually like to have their heads and chins scratched - some LOVE to be brushed, but they will never be lap cats. They need love and acceptance too, which is why we keep trying with them. We do not put cats down just because they have problems or lack that bonding gene...we have created a fund for them so we can keep them indefinitely and be sure they will always be taken care of. You can visit our special needs cats on our website


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Who We Are

Melrose Humane Society is a non-profit, all volunteer group of concerned people who take rescued cats into their own homes until permanent homes of their own can be found for them. Melrose Humane Society medically treats all the cats in their care, has them spayed/neutered, tested for Felv/Fiv and given rabies and distemper vaccines. We are using the Adoption Room at the new PetSmart in Saugus, Ma. so that people may visit our cats in person on Saturday or Sunday mornings......

Adopting a friend

People wanting to adopt a cat or kitten from Melrose Humane Society must fill out a pre-adoption form. We do check to see if the animals you now have see a vet on a regular basis and if they are spayed/neutered. We check to be sure your landlord will allow a cat or cats, if you rent. We basically try to place the right cat in the right home, so if you are not chosen as the new 'parent' for a cat, it is not because you are not a good home - it is that the cat needs a different situation than the one you have. We want our cats to be happy with their people and our people to be happy with their cats.

Come Visit Us!

We currently have cats on display at the new PetSmart in Saugus. You can visit with the cats on Saturday from 9 to 4 and on Sunday from 10 - 2. Hope to see you there!

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