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Who we are ...
Mini Schnauzer Rescue Service of New England, based in Webster, Massachusetts with volunteers throughout the New England area, finds homes for rescue and owner turn-in miniature (and occasionally standard) schnauzers and schnauzer mixes. We are not-for-profit which means that all donations go towards the care of our dogs. Dogs (unless special alternate arrangements are made) are spay/neutered, brought up to date on shots, screened for heartworms and intestinal parasites and elimination thereof, cyst remove if required and have had their teeth cleaned if needed. Additional expenses are the cost of fostering in our homes or special kennels we work with, and transport. They are bathed and groomed before going to their new homes.

As we are a rescue group. we do not typically have large groups of dogs available at any one time, but maintain a waiting list for adoption. Our dogs are carefully matched to adoption applicants. Although we place our dogs throughout New England, we do not ship our rescues. After the difficult experiences many of our dogs have experienced, we prefer not to have them suffer the trauma of a long journey.

The majority of our dogs are middle age, but we do have some puppies and young dogs come into rescue occasionally. Almost all are house trained. Due to divorce, death in the family, the owner moving to a new home that does now allow pets (such as a nursing home), many people have to turn their dogs in. Some rescues are picked up as strays while others are saved from euthanization in shelters.

If you are outside our geographic area, please consider contacting New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network, Inc. To find a schnauzer rescuer in your local area, please see the list at Schnauzer Rescue Contacts. You can get a listing of local area schnauzer clubs at American Miniature Schnauzer Club or you can email Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Service of New England for referrals.

An Adoption Application and reference checks are required, as is an adoption fee. All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement. You sign an adoption contract agreeing to keep the dog as a house pet and return it to rescue in the event you are unable to keep it.

Volunteers are welcome and always needed, especially for fostering dogs, providing transportation assistance, and to help with adoption screening, fundraising and public education. Donations are always welcome and very appreciated.

As we are a 100% volunteer organization, and we are not-for-profit, contributions are greatly appreciated. All of our funds come from donations, adoption fees, and our own pockets. Contributions received go directly towards vet bills, spay/neutering, and the care of our rescue dogs. Donations may be sent to the following address. Please note "donation" in the comments section.

Mini Schnauzer Rescue Service of New England
P.o. Box 111
Webster, MA 01570
Adoption Fees
Adoption fees are donations to Schnauzer Rescue (MSRSofNE), not payment for value received, and are primarily based on the age and health of a particular dog, and our expenses. Donations for senior dogs are generally $50-$100, while adoption fees for our other rescues are
puppy to 2 yrs. $600
2-4 yrs. $600-$350
4-6yrs. $350-$250
6-8 yrs. $250-$100
8 yrs and up $100-donation.

We only keep applications for the last 6 months on file , so please if you haven't adopted a dog, please fill another one out after 6 months. So we can keep your application on file.

Submit On-line Application
Completion of Adoption Application does not guarantee approval. All dogs are subject to prior adoption.

You can visit the rescues!
As it is most important that the match of owner and dog be a good one, arrangements are made for prospective owners to meet the dog that interests them. After you have filled out an application and been approved for adoption, your contact at MSRSofNE can discuss this with you and make the arrangements.

Mini Schnauzer Rescue Service of New EnglandWebster, MA

Phone: (508) 949-2012
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